On-the-Go Essentials for Dogs

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As many of you know, Sheba’s my PAWtner-in-crime and tags along with me whenever she can. If you’re new around here, let me tell you about my best bud.

I adopted my beagle/chow mix Sheba 5 years ago on a total whim. I wasn’t expecting to adopt a dog anytime in my near future but when I waltzed into the Humane Society’s adoption event at a store (in passing), I knew I had to get her! And while she gave me a few grey hairs early on with her adventurous spirit, I can still confidently say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

While most of our adventures are local (visiting friends, family, or just a quick run for takeout), it’s important to me to always have Sheba’s essentials handy, whether we’re just out for the day or traveling on a lengthier trip.

On-the-go essentials for dogs with Pedigree

The core essentials? Food and water. I usually carry a bottle of water that I can easily pour into a dish for her, and if we’re able to bring/pick ’em up, she’ll even get a few ice cubes to go with it (they’re much needed living in Florida)!

PEDIGREE® Pouches and Dry Complete Nutrition Food

When it comes to food, it’s important to have something easy to transport and mess-free. And with PEDIGREE® Pouches, treating and eating on the go just got a whole lot easier!

Since I already do quite a bit of shopping at Walmart for things like snacks, personal care, home, etc., it only makes sense to make a stop in the Pet section to pick up Sheba’s PEDIGREE® POUCH Bacon, & Cheese/Hearty Chicken and PEDIGREE® Dry Complete Nutrition Chicken while I’m at it!


And because my pup is just a taaaaad spoiled, I’ve been using PEDIGREE® Pouches as a “treat topping,” mixing a bit into her regular dry food. She can’t get enough of it! Like continuing to lick the bowl even though there’s nothing left status. Happy pup, happy life, right?

When it comes to the wet/dry food mix, here are a couple helpful guidelines for feeding (note: individual dogs needs may differ):

  • Feed 3 pouches daily per 10 lbs. of adult dog (for wet food only)
  • Mix It Up: Add in Dry. Replace ½ cup of PEDIGREE® Adult Complete Nutrition with 1 pouch (1 pouch = 3.5 oz., 1 cup = 8 oz. measuring cup).

Pedigree momentsPedigree dry food

Other items I usually carry for Sheba when on-the-go aren’t technically essentials, but they’re still used quite a bit!

A Leash (with a Poop Bag Dispenser Attached)

While I’d love for Sheba to be potty-trained (like Jinxy in Meet the Parents), that’s just not how dog life works. Having bags handy for pick-up is key and since my pup has a history of being a little TOO adventurous, she always needs to be on a leash (unless we’re in a fenced in area).


For any adventure (especially those longer travel ones), Sheba always loves having a favorite toy or two to play with! Her go-tos are her squeaky + fuzzy lambchop and a bouncy strawberry ball!

A Cozy Blanket

Sheba always ends her days snuggling up in her Rudolph + Clarice blanket I made a couple years ago. Since it’s a comfort of hers, it’s something I always carry for her, especially when we’re away from home. Because who doesn’t want to be cozy when it’s time to get some rest after a day of adventuring?!

Dog essentials

Have you tried PEDIGREE® Pouches? What are some essentials you bring when on-the-go with your pup?

  • Your dog is SO cute! We have never tried Pedigree. omg it’s so funny. I never was a dog person until I got my own dog. Our pup changed my life! I didn’t care about other people’s dogs really before, and now it’s like, I LOVE looking at other dogs and reading about them!! Funny how a person can change ;) Sheba dog is beautiful.

    • Thank you! It’s amazing how much these dogs can change our lives, isn’t it?! What kind of dog do you have?

  • What a cute pupper!!! My girls LOVE PEDIGREE pouches too! They never ate their food when we traveled before & now they eat it all up! :)

    • Thanks, Alex! So glad you found a food your pups love!

  • Such a sweet baby! I had never heard of the pedigree pouches before but you are the second blog i’ve read today that has talked about them. They sound convenient and great for the pups!

    Willow has a favorite blanket, too and hers is a wintery penguin one. It stays at the foot of our be, since that’s where she sleeps. When we travel we’ll have to bring it with us for sure.

    • Thank you! I’m glad my pup’s not the only one with a year-round Christmastime blanket :)

  • I love mixers for their food. We are pretty loyal to AvoDerm after trying them out a year or so ago but I love mixers and toppings for their food. My #1 travel essential is the bench seat cover we bought from Kurgo last year. It’s waterproof and amazing at keeping our backseat clean. :)

    • I’m glad you found something your pups love! A bench seat cover sounds like a great investment! I might need to look into getting one of those!

  • I’ve never tried these before! Our dog can be a bit picky with food for some reason. Especially when he’s eating the same food every day (which most dogs do lol). I may have to try these on our next road trip and see if he likes them!

    • So true! I like to switch Sheba’s food up every once in a while. I couldn’t believe how much she loved these pouches – she gobbled them up so quickly in her bowl!

  • Robin

    This is so good to know about! Whenever we go on long car trips with my pup, we’re struggling to figure out how to pack the essentials!

    • Thanks, Robin! These are definitely great to pack for trips – both short and long!

  • Leia loves when we add stuff like this to her food!

    • It’s such a nice little add-in! I love finding little ways to spoil Sheba too!

  • My lovely (massive) chocolate lab eats EIGHT cups of food a day. And he’s still thin. Yeah… he’s a beast. lol

    • Oh wow! I wish I had that kind of metabolism, haha.

  • Laurajj

    Oh Sheba is so adorable! We have two lab mixes we adopted from our local rescue. I have to check into this food for them. They really do not like what we are giving them now.

    • Thank you! Rescue pups are the best :) I hope they enjoy the pouches, Sheba loves them!

  • Amanda Faber

    She’s the most adorable pup!!!