Stitch Fix: April 2017 Review

It’s been MONTHS (almost half a year actually) but I’m excited to finally have received another Stitch Fix box! After my last fix arrived in November I decided to take a break since I knew I had my December Europe trip ahead and buying a house was on the radar.

But with a wedding to attend and a trip to NYC on the books for April (both of which I asked my stylist to pick options for), I thought it’d be nice to add some new options to my wardrobe. Here’s what I received.

Stitch Fix April 2017

Skies are Blue Honey Halter Blouse ($48) + Liverpool Elizabeth Super Skinny Jean ($78)

I feel like my collection of jeans/pants is already well over what it should be, but I couldn’t say no to this mint-colored skinny jeans. SO perfect for spring/summer (which essentially is the year-round weather here in Florida). With having so much warm weather, the halter top is another great addition to my closet! These colors pair so well together too! Verdict: Kept Both

Stitch Fix Skies are Blue Honey Halter Blouse

Le Lis Kano Textured Knit Dress ($78)

I’m all about comfy clothes and this dress is incredibly comfortable! Stretchy material, for the win! This is one that can be dressed up (blazer) or down (plain or with a jean jacket), which is great too. Verdict: Kept

Stitch Fix Le Lis Kano Textured Knit Dress

Brixon Ivy James Laser Cut Dress ($78)

I absolutely LOVED this dress! The color, the cut, everything about it. I ended up wearing it to the wedding I attended and know I’ll be getting a lot of use out of it! Verdict: Kept

Stitch Fix Brixon Ivy James Laser Cut Dress

Le Lis Hammie French Terry Knit Top ($48)

The last top I received was my least favorite in the box. While it was super soft and I didn’t mind the polka dots, it reminded me (well more so my boyfriend but once he said it, it stuck in my head) of a hospital gown. It actually ended up being cheaper for me to keep this vs. sending it back and keeping the other 4. I’m hoping to love it more, but am thinking maybe that’ll happen with darker jeans? Verdict: Kept

Stitch Fix Le Lis Hammie French Terry Knit Top

As you can see it was a pretty great month with Stitch Fix, since I ended up keeping all five of the items sent. While I wasn’t crazy about the last top, it ended up saving me about $55 to get it, which was a no brainer to do. Specifically, I was thrilled with the 2 dresses that were sent. I feel like good shorts and dresses are tough to find that I’m comfortable in, but these really hit the nail on the head.

While I know the pieces from Stitch Fix can be a bit pricier in some cases (especially if you’re a bargain shopper), the quality is always great, I find pieces I’d never find (or try) on my own, and honestly, the convenience is too good to pass up with a box of clothes based on my style profile showing up at my door!

Have you tried Stitch Fix? What are some of your favorite pieces for spring/summer?

  • I love that blue dress on you! The halter and the pants is an adorable outfit, too!

    • Thank you, Olya! I’m so excited to add them all to my wardrobe!

  • Rachael Stone

    I literally love everything you got in your box! :D

    • It’s the best when the stylists nail your fix! So excited about these too!

  • Sarah Jean

    My favorite item is definitely that blue dress but I think all of them are pretty cute. Seems like they do a great job making everything fit so well too!

    • That’s definitely my fave too :) They knocked it outta the park with this one!

  • Sarah Lyall

    I love stitch fix. One of my favorite Cardigans came from them. Its was Hawthorn brand. This posts reminds me I need to schedule another box soon.

    • Same! I think all of my favorite things in my closet are from Stitch Fix!

  • The dresses are both super cute on you!

    • Thanks, Steph! I love them! So glad to have them in my closet now!

  • Oooh the cobalt blue dress is my favorite! So pretty!

    • Mine too! I was so impressed with the fit + style!

  • Ashley Stephenson

    I love all the picks you got! I especially love the pants!

    • Me too! I have so many pairs of regular jeans, I’m excited to spice things up with these mint ones!

  • I’m in love with everything you got and can see why you kept it all! It just looks so pretty on you. I love the royal blue dress and those mint skinnies, especially. Anything those colors are hard to say no to!

    • Thanks, Leslie! The colors were my favorite too :) Great additions to my wardrobe, for sure!

  • What a great fix! I really love that blue dress on you!

    • Thanks, Becky! This was definitely one of the best fixes I’ve gotten. I love the dress too!

  • The colors on all those outfits look great!!

    • Thanks, Miranda! I’m so excited about the pieces they sent!

  • It’s always nice when everything is a keeper! It all looks so good on you.

  • They all look lovely. I particularly like the blue dress, you look great in it.

  • I love all the pieces you received! My favorite was definitely the blue dress!

    • Thanks, Brittany! The blue dress was my favorite too. They did a great job with styling this one for me!

  • I love the skinny jeans and both the dresses. They are so flattering. You look great!

    • Thank you! I feel like flattering pieces are so hard to find lately. SO happy about these new ones in my wardrobe!

  • I actually really like every single piece they sent. But oh my goodness honey that blue dress looks like it was MADE FOR U! So gorgeous!!!!

    • Thank you! I love it so much! So thrilled they sent it!

  • Neely

    LOVING that blue dress!

    • SAME! I don’t think I’ve ever had a dress I love more!

  • Ro

    I’ve been considering subscribing to Stitch Fix! I’ve heard a lot of really good things about it and I love that you essentially received a personal stylist, who can help you pick things that you love and are flattering. Love the blue dress!

    • You definitely should! Make sure you create a Pinterest board with your favorite style – it definitely helps make sure your stylist will send things you love!

  • These are really great pieces! I loved it when I tried it a couple of years ago!

    • Thanks, Logan! Stitch Fix always has the best pieces!

  • My favorites are the dresses. They have similar styles, but the blue color really pops.

    • Mine too, Linda! I have a hard time finding things that fit just right, so I’m very happy about these two!

  • Cocoawind

    My friend was telling me about Stitch Fix this past weekend… since she stays (and teaches) in a small town, most people she knows uses Stitch Fix!

    • That’s too funny! You should give it a try too!

  • Nicole Kamai Couchman

    You got some great things. I haven’t had much luck but I keep trying lol. I have a box coming next week. Hopefully it’s as good as yours!!

    • I know, I’m so impressed with what they sent! Make sure you request specific things you like and definitely set up a Pinterest board if you haven’t yet!

  • Omg so many great pieces! I have been hesitant to try this but maybe I’ll give in soon!

    • There were! You should try it out – you only pay for what you keep and if you keep it all you get a 25% discount!

  • Patricia Conte

    I’m set to receive mine soon, and I hope I get great pieces like you did! I looooove the blue dress! Isn’t it great that you’re able to manage your orders to receive them as you like? One of my favorite things about Stitch Fix!

    • Yay! Stitch Fix arrival day is so exciting :) That blue dress is my fave too! SO comfortable, stylish and it fits perfectly!

  • I LOVE the options you found! This is actually making me want to get another box!

    • Thanks, Alex. I’m so excited about them too! You should give it another try! Be sure to request/pin the things you like so your stylist can send them!

  • I love that halter blouse! That would be perfect for my upcoming beach trip!

    • Do you have time to squeeze in a Stitch Fix box before your trip? If so, you should request it! Which beach are you traveling to?

  • Salwa Kisswani

    I love Stitch Fix, I tried them before :D

    • Me too! What’s your favorite piece you’ve received from them?

  • It looks like you got a great fix! I absolutely love both of those dresses! My last fix wasn’t anything to rave about, but I’m looking forward to my next one in another month!

    • Thanks, Cameron. I love them too! I hope your next one’s better! If you like those dresses for yourself, be sure to pin and/or request them from your stylist!

      • I already did haha! I’ll make sure to update my fix request when the time comes!

  • Kimberly @ Berly’s Kitchen

    Those are some cute outfits. I especially love both of the dresses. Your stylist did an awesome job!

    • I totally agree! This was my first time with this stylist but she nailed it! Can’t wait to see what else comes in the future!

  • LOVE that blue dress on you! I haven’t done a Stitch Fix in forever! Definitely might have to do one again soon!

    ​xx katie // a touch of teal

    • Thank you! I was nervous it wouldn’t work when I pulled it out of the box but I absolutely loved it! You should give them another try for summer – especially with all of the travels you have planned!

  • All pattern dress amazing. I completely agree with all of the tips that you mentioned.