App of the Month: theSkimm

Today I’m excited to bring back my “App of the Month” series, where I feature a great app that I think you should know about. This month, we’re looking at theSkimm’s new and improved app!

If you’re not signed up for theSkimm’s morning email, you need to pause and sign up now. Seriously. It’s the first thing I turn to my inbox to check on weekday mornings when I wake up. If you’re not familiar, here’s the lowdown: theSkimm is an email with highlights of all the big news you should know, but in a more “fun,” easy to digest tone, like it’s coming from your best friend. And the newsletter is totally FREE.

That said, theSkimm also has an app that they just did a big overhaul to. It’s subscription-based, so $3 per month (or $30  for the year), BUT it has some really great features that I love. And to me, the few bucks each month has been worth it. Let’s take a look at the app’s features.

theSkimm is a must-have app for millennials!

Calendar Sync

This is hands down my favorite feature of the app (and what theSkimm just did the overhaul of)! While I’m one to want to know what’s going on with everything, theSkimm just rolled out calendars by preference. Meaning you can select what you want from entertainment, politics, sports, business, and the big stuff, to show up in your personal calendar, so you never miss the latest with the topics most interesting to you.

Being able to sync all of the important stuff to my calendar is seriously life changing. Sure I can add the things I remember manually. But to be honest, life is SO busy that half the time I make a mental note to remind myself about something and forget. Plus, there’s a little description to go with it, so you’re already prepped for whatever the event is!

theSkimm is a must-have app for millennials!

Wondering what kinds of things you might get alerted about? Here are some of the upcoming events in each of the major categories.

  • The Big Stuff: , National Donut Day, Total Solar Eclipse, Reminder to Buy Father’s Day Gift
  • Entertainment: National Spelling Bee, Emmy Nom Announcements, Game of Thrones Premiere
  • Politics: G7 Summit, German Election
  • Sports: NBA Finals, Wimbledon, NFL Season Kickoff
  • Business: Apple’s WWDC, Code Conference
theSkimm is a must-have app for millennials!

Skimm Ahead

If you don’t feel like looking directly in your calendar, you can scroll through to see what important things lie ahead in the world of entertainment, politics, sports, business, and of course, the rest of the “big stuff” going on, and yes, that includes the return of your fave Netflix originals!

theSkimm is a must-have app for millennials!

Skimm Reads

Every day, theSkimm features a short article you can read in 5 minutes or less, each day on a totally different topic. Here you can also find a slew of recommended books to read, which have been featured in one of theSkimm’s daily emails at one point. The list of books I want to read has grown exponentially since subscribing to theSkimm and this lets me easily keep up with all the recs in one place!

theSkimm is a must-have app for millennials!

Daily Skimms

Last but not least, the daily issue of theSkimm itself! While of course you can refer back to your email for it, it’s always nice to be able to quickly access them all in one place. Plus, if your inbox is jammin’, you don’t have to sift through emails to find the day’s issue!


Do you subscribe to theSkimm? What are some of your favorite ways to keep up with the news?

  • I LOVE the Skimm, but I haven’t downloaded the app yet! I definitely need to download now.

  • Robin

    I was subscribed to The Skimm on an old work email account, but you just reminded me that it’s LONG past time to sign up on my personal account so I can read it on my morning commute! I love their way of balancing witty humor with accessible news. I had no idea they had an app – that calendar feature is brilliant. Downloading now!

  • I’ve never heard of the Skimm! It sounds very interesting and I definitely will be checking out this app!

  • Huge fan of the skimm! Their story is inspiring and they are awesome to work with!

  • I’ve subscribed to The Scimm email list for years but had no idea there was an app! Where have I been??

  • Corey Wheeland

    The Skimm is the best!! I’ve been wanting to check out their app!

  • TheSkimm has totally changed my life. Dustin and I read it every morning before we get out of bed for the day – it’s the best way to stay on top of things without feeling like I’m stupid!

  • TheSkimm is awesome! I love their style of keeping stories straight to the point, and even doing a quick recap for follow ups.