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“Tongue Tied” by Grouplove is my song pick of the week. If you’re an avid TV watcher, you probably remember this tune from a few months ago, featured in one of Apple’s commercials (they always pick the best songs)! This upbeat song is another to add to the list of songs that easily get stuck in your head– but in a good way. For some reason this song reminds me of high school days, when you and all of your friends are piled in the car driving around town. It’s also a great pump-up feel good song!


My Tuesday Tune this week comes courtesy of the rock band, Live. “Lightning Crashes” is a song that was released back in 1994, but I didn’t discover it until about five years ago. On the season finale of The CW’s One Tree Hill back in season four, this song was playing over a slow motion montage scene and affected me so strongly that I immediately went to download the song. The lyrics are heartbreaking and beautiful, and this powerful song has become one of my all-time favorites. I hope you all enjoy this song as much as I do. For all of my fellow OTHer’s, in honor of the series finale tomorrow, let’s take a walk down memory lane!

Last night country music celebrated the 47th Annual Academy of Country Music awards in Las Vegas, Nevada. The awards were hosted, once again, by country legend Reba McEntire and funnyman Blake Shelton. The hilarious twosome definitely has great chemistry, poking some innocent fun at celebrities and fellow country stars like Taylor Swift. The super talented Carrie Underwood opened the show with her new hit single “Good Girl”. If you haven’t heard this song yet, we made it one of our songs for Tuesday Tunes a couple weeks ago, so you can listen to it here. (And we recommend that you do)!

Hosts Reba and Blake did a great job keeping the show going, and throwing out some hilarious one-liners.

The show consisted of mostly performances from all the country stars and bands including a super sexy performance from Luke Bryan, country superstars (and soon-to-be road buddies) Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney premiering their new song and Lady Antebellum performing their soulful hit “Dancin’ Away With My Heart”! Everyone looked and sounded great (as most country musicians do while performing live), but let’s get to the good stuff: the awards!

Sexy country men Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw performed together, hinting at the greatness their tour will be.

Here is a list of the winners from last night:

— Entertainer of the year: Taylor Swift

— Top male vocalist: Blake Shelton

— Top female vocalist: Miranda Lambert

— Top vocal group: Lady Antebellum

— Top vocal duo: Thompson Square

— Top new artist: Scotty McCreery

— Album of the year: “Four the Record,” Miranda Lambert

— Single record of the year: “Don’t You Wanna Stay,” Jason Aldean & Kelly Clarkson

— Song of the year: “Crazy Girl,” Eli Young Band

— Video of the year: “Red Solo Cup,” Toby Keith

— Vocal event of the year: “Don’t You Wanna Stay,” Jason Aldean & Kelly Clarkson

Miranda Lambert posing proudly with her two well-deserved awards!
The biggest award of the night was Entertainer of the Year which was presented to Taylor Swift. This was the only fan voted award of the night and caused quite a controversy surrounding her win. Unlike the other four male nominees in this category (Blake Shelton, Brad Paisley, Jason Aldean and Kenny Chesney), Taylor was very aggressive with her campaign for her fans to vote for her. Although she has an amazing career, many say she only won due to the amount of young fans that voted for her. I do love me some T-Swift, but I agree that if it was not fan voted, she probably wouldn’t have taken home the award. My vote was for Jason Aldean for his phenomenal year he had!
Although her win caused a frenzy, one thing that didn’t was her look. Taylor stunned on the red carpet her in gorgeous gown.
Hopefully you’re favorites won (my Lady Antebellum did!!!), but if not, don’t sweat. There are about 50 country music award shows throughout the year to give your favorites a chance to win!

Clocky Alarm Clock 

Are you a deep sleeper who has problems waking up to your alarm clock every morning? Well this is the product for you! You no longer have to stress about running late due to over sleeping. This new product entitled “clocky” is an alarm clock on wheels. When it goes off at the horrid 6 a.m. wake up call, it will fall off your dresser, run around the room, waking you up and forcing you out of bed to turn it off. No more oversleeping and no more scolding looks from your boss when you tossle in twenty-two minutes late. This product is available in stores like the high-fashion boutique Francesca’s or on Amazon. Check it out!
The Return of Punk’d

Last night marked the return of the widely popular MTV show Punk’d! The only downfall to this? No Ashton Kutcher. Boo. But, the show has revamped and each week they will have a different celebrity host who will plot out scenarios to punk their famous friends. This week started with teen idol Justin Bieber punking three different celebrities. The first one was country songstress Taylor Swift. The Beibs tricked her into thinking she ruined a wedding by “accidentally” setting a boat (the location of the “wedding”) on fire. Pretty good. Then he  went on to punk Sean Kingston and, eventually Miley Cyrus. In my opinion, Miley’s was by far the funniest. She was planning to punk him but the whole time he was punking her and she had no idea! Check out this preview for the new season and tune in every Thursday at 10 p.m. on MTV for new Punk’d episodes!

Lionel Richie’s Tuskegee

Lionel’s newest album, Tuskegee, was released earlier this week, and BOY were we excited! Although there aren’t any new songs on the album, he performs his greatest hits with some of the biggest country stars today, including our favorites: Kenny Chesney, Blake Shelton, and Jason Aldean. If you haven’t checked the new version of the songs yet, make sure you do! The country twist on his classic hits makes them even better– and we didn’t think that was possible!

Complete Tracklist (with country artist):
1. “You Are”- Blake Shelton
2. “Say You, Say Me”- Jason Aldean
3. “Stuck On You”- Darius Rucker
4. “Deep River Woman”- Little Big Town
5. “My Love” – Kenny Chesney
6. “Dancing on the Ceiling” – Rascal Flatts
7. “Hello”- Jennifer Nettles
8. “Sail On” – Tim McGraw
9. “Endless Love”- Shania Twain
10. “Just for You” – Billy Currington
11. “Lady” – Kenny Rogers
12. “Easy” – Willie Nelson
13. “All Night Long” – Jimmy Buffet

The original cast in the poster for the very first season. I had this poster hanging on my wall nine years ago.

The countdown has officially begun. The series finale of The CW’s One Tree Hill is only six days away. I can speak for all my fellow OTHer’s when I say the tears are already flowing. Last night’s episode, entitled “Anyone Who Had a Heart” was directed by our very own Brooke Davis, aka Sophia Bush. There were many moments throughout the episode that brought me to tears just knowing that the story of our beloved town of Tree Hill and our beloved friends like Brooke, Haley and Nathan are wrapping up. We’re starting to get closure and, in my opinion, that is heartbreaking. I’m not ready! But, time is no mans friend, and time is ticking away fast. Six days will be gone in no time and soon we will all be sitting on our couches, gripping our tissues, saying goodbye to something that has been apart of our lives for nine years. It is more than a show. Like Julian said in last night’s episode about his future television show “they understand what it can be. A show that’s not afraid to be quiet or heartfelt. A show that is romantic and sexy. One that makes you feel like you’re not alone.” Only us true One Tree Hiller’s get this. This is OTH in a nutshell. The little show that could surpassed everyone’s expectations and went on for nine wonderful years. We laughed, we cried, we gasped… So, in honor of the show that makes us feel so special, here is a little countdown. My most memorable OTH moments from the past nine years!

The cast posing for the very last season.

15. The Original Opening Sequence
That happy feeling we got when heard that “bum bum bum…. I don’t want to be…”
14. Lucas and Peyton (Finally) Say “I Do”
After years of secret affairs and love-lost glances, Peyton and Lucas finally got it right. Peyton was a pregnant bride and Haley performs the ceremony in a beautiful outdoor wedding.

13. “I was proud of you everyday”
During a blackout storm in Tree Hill, Nathan showed Haley that despite how mad he was at her leaving to tour, he was always proud. And there ensues the sexiest rain scene in the history of television.

12. The Boy Toy Auction
All the boys struttin’ their stuff down a runway, auctioning themselves off for dates… What more do I need to say? Swoon!

11. Quentin Shockingly Dies
We all remember that moment when Nathan and Haley had to tell Jamie that his beloved friend and idol had been shot and killed. Just the thought of it brings tears to my eyes.

10. Go Brooke Yourself
No words needed. We all remember this hilarious moment and don’t lie, you say it now too!

9. Julian Saves Brooke and Jamie
In this sitting-on-the-edge-of-your-seat episode, Julian saved Brooke and Jamie’s lives when their car gets hit on a bridge during a hurricane and falls into the river. Phew!

8. “Take a walk with me brother”
This moment. The moment none of us ever thought we’d cry about. After nine years of Dan Scott escaping death, his time caught up with him. And the most surprising was the return of our beloved Uncle Keith.

7. Peyton and Brooke Fight Psycho Derek
Peyton and Brooke are captured by Peyton’s pseudo-brother Derek and fight to save each other’s lives, just in time to attend prom.

6. The 100th Episode
The episode that gave us all heart attacks. The evil Nanny Carrie abducts the adorable Jamie Scott. The terror on Haley’s face, the panic in Lucas’ words. What a nerve-raking episode.

5. “Don’t say I never gave you anything!”
Nathan giving Haley that colorful Cracker Jacks bracelet. Always and Forever.

4. The Girl Behind The Red Door Lives Happily-Ever-After
Brooke Davis finally lands the man of her dreams and is blessed by becoming pregnant (when no one thought she could) with twin boys. Davis and Jude are two lucky little boys!

3. The Seniors Final Goodbye
After graduation (and the birth of James Lucas Scott) the gang goes to the final party of their high school days. They said goodbye to the past four years and danced to Spice Girls. Gosh, I love this show!

2. Lightning Crashes
During this slow-motion montage to Live’s “Lightning Crashes”, everyone races out of graduation when Haley’s water breaks during her Valedictorian speech.

1.The School Shooting
Jimmy Edwards has had enough. The gang’s former friend shoots up the school, accidentally shooting Peyton in the leg, holding a group hostage, all before putting the gun to his chest and ending his grief. After a heartbroken Keith could not save Jimmy, Dan walks in, picks up the gun and kills his brother. This was the most controversial, heartbreaking and powerful episode of One Tree Hill ever, and maybe even in television history.

Until next week…


Post-college, you spend a large portion of your life working. Hence, you want to make an exciting space for yourself in your cubicle/desk area. Recently having started working full-time myself, this has become a project I’ve slowly been tackling and am still constantly looking to keep up. In this post, I’ve listed 5 things I believe are essential for your office workspace. Happy decorating!
First and foremost, picture frames. If you don’t have any.. well.. GET SOME! Having pictures of friends and family around provide a more “homey” feel, and in a way it’s almost like having them there with you during the work day.

Post-its. And not just any kind. By bringing in bright, exciting, fun, and colorful shapes and sizes into the mix, you’ll be ready to roll with creativity. You can easily find these at local stores such as Target, Walgreens, CVS, Staples, etc. I also find things easier to organize with different types of sticky notes– especially when you have multiple on a page!

The next essential item for your cube is some kind of action figure or toy. For me, it’s my Lego Mater. “As in Tomater, except without the tuhh.” One of my favorite movie characters of all time (even if it’s a cartoon) is this guy right here. I find having this figure on my desk to be a comic relief to my day, bringing a kid aspect into my work life.

Back to the personalization (picture frames), another necessity for your cube is a desk calendar from Vistaprint. I purchased one myself on a whim a few months ago and now I don’t know what I’d do without it! Sure, I can use the calendar on my iPhone or Microsoft Outlook, but having a calendar right next to my computer that I can take a quick glance at to find a date– and see pictures of friends and family, is great! I also found Vistaprint to be a wonderful company to do business with!
The final item on my list is some kind of plant. Bringing in a small plant (living or fake) also adds a little touch of style to your office workspace. If you’re having a stressful day, the ambience is so much more relaxing with a plant, especially something like a bamboo plant (pictured below).