The 2016 Christmas Gift Guide posts continue today with my five picks for kids! While they often have a pretty lengthy wish list on what they want from Santa, there are so many other things that they might not be aware of that I know they’d still love! I’ve pulled together a list of them below for a variety of ages and both boys and girls!


On-the-Go Mini Game Pad

Kids are always looking for entertainment, so the mini game pad ($5) is a must-have for any kiddo on-the-go. This game pad is super affordable and includes 3 fun games – hangman, dots, and bingo!


The Lokai Pact

Lokai bracelets are still extremely popular with kids these days. Although a little pricier, Lokai Pact ($98) includes a set of 6 limited edition bracelets, each supporting a different cause. I love this because not only can you split it up and gift bracelets to more than one kid if you want, but I love that this product gives back. Specific charities supported with these are: the Alzheimer’s Association, Make-A-Wish®, Oceana, charity: water, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and (RED).


Little Passports

It’s no secret that I love to travel, so one of my favorite picks for kids this year is Little Passports ($12+), a subscription to educate kids on different states and/or countries around the world! Filled with fun souvenirs, activity sheets, stickets, photos, and more, the kid(s) in your life will be cultured before they even step foot on an airplane!


PicWits! Board Game

Family game nights are the best! The PicWits! board game ($23) is at the top of my family’s wish list for what I can see would be a hysterical time! The game includes cards with photos and everyone comes up with the perfect caption for it. I can only imagine what kind of funny things will come from playing this game!


Fujifilm INSTAX Camera

I absolutely loved Polaroid cameras growing up (I still think they’re fun!), and the INSTAX camera ($60) keeps the momentum going with adorable, colorful mini cameras that instantly develop photos. This is definitely something the kids wouldn’t be able to get enough of!


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3 years ago I went on my first international flight and was pretty surprised at how different it was from the many domestic flights I’ve taken over the years. I know many of you are dreaming of and/or planning for international trips, so to prepare you for what to expect, here are 5 things to know before your first international flight!


Confirm Your Seats Before Flying

If you book your flight in advance enough, you’ll see that airlines often end up switching the plane that was originally supposed to be taking you. For example, if you book window seat 10A and they decide to use a different aircraft for your flight, you’ll likely automatically be placed in a new seat. And many times you can be switched from your beloved aisle or window to the dreaded middle seat. So make sure you’re checking that your seat is still the one you want!

Avoid Alcohol + Caffeine Pre-Flight

While alcohol and caffeine always seem to be a good go-to at the airport, both should be avoided pre-flight, if possible, since they’re both dehydrators. Instead, drink lots of water! But if you do still plan to indulge in either, make sure to drink at least one glass of water with each alcoholic or caffeinated beverage, otherwise you won’t be feeling too great once in-air!

Not Every Plane Has USB Ports for Charging

I learned this one the hard way on my first international flight on the leg from Detroit to London. While most planes WILL have USB ports to charge up your devices, be prepared for them not to be as well, by bringing your own portable chargers. Since most international flights take place over night, it’s a real bummer to land in the new country and not have much of a phone battery left (mainly for accessing your phone’s camera)!

Set Your Clocks to Destination Time

This is the first thing you should do when you board so you can start adjusting to the time of your destination. Set your phone, watch, iPad, EVERYTHING to the time. It can be hard to fall asleep when you’re still thinking it’s only 10 p.m. in your time zone, but if you look and see it’s 4 a.m. where you’re on your way to, you’ll start to get a different mentality.

You’ll Eat + Drink (A Lot!)

Unlike domestic flights, they actually feed you A LOT on international flights. For example, an overnight international flight will give you a full dinner service (including wine), a snack a little later on, and breakfast a few hours after that. It’s kind of crazy! Pro tip: Be sure to confirm that this is the case with your airline before flying, as smaller/budget airlines usually have an option to purchase meals + other extras, which is why the flight prices might be cheaper.


Have you flown internationally? What tips do you have for first-time international fliers? If not, what’s at the top of your international travel list?!

Is it just me or are men usually the hardest people to shop for?! If you’re having a tough time figuring out what to pick up for the guy(s) in your life, I’ve got you covered! Check out my five picks below – including what might be one of my dad’s favorite products ever and one my boyfriend has at the top of his list!

Struggling to find the right gift for the guy(s) in your life? Check out these ideas!

Nintendo Entertainment System: Classic Edition

This year’s hot item for guys is the old school Nintendo system ($60), which was released last month. Featuring 30 games, this isn’t a bad deal at all considering the system + all of the games. And really, you can’t beat nostalgia!


Beer Socks

These socks just crack me up. Of course there are other variations of the “if you can read this bring me a beer” socks ($12), like whiskey, scotch, and wine. But something about this pair just seems so perfect for the dads, boyfriends, and/or brothers of the world.


Dartboard Cabinet

Looking for something new to add to the “man cave?” I’m loving the idea of adding a dartboard ($60)! Not only is it a fun game for guys, but it’s something that just about everyone would enjoy if they were over! It just might stir up some serious competition in your home!


Speck iPhone Wallet Case

My dad swears by his iPhone wallet case ($14) and thinks it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread! The case has come in handy so much that he doesn’t even carry an actual wallet around with him anymore. Just the essentials in his phone! So if you’re struggling with what to get the guy(s) in your life, this is a fantastic option!


Pokeball Serving Bowls

With the huge (but short-lived) comeback of Pokemon this year, I feel like it’s only appropriate to include these Pokeball serving bowls ($14). Perfect for the Pokemon dudes, this pokeball splits into two serving bowls perfect for movie or game night!


What are you picking up for the guy(s) in your life this year?