Fun Findings Friday #1

Happy Friday the 13th! Although most people are very leery of this day due to its superstitious connotation, we happen to love our lucky number 13, and all that it brings! Today we’d like to introduce you to “Fun Findings Friday,” our weekly Friday post in which we’ll share with you, our readers, our favorite findings. This week, our 3 fun findings are: The Water Bobble, Mac Decals, and the Phone Stacking Game.. Enjoy!

The Water Bobble is one of this year’s hottest go-green fixes. It’s cute, handy and great for the environment! The idea of the Water Bobble is to reduce the use of plastic; not only for the sake of our land, but also for the sake of our bodies. The bottles are made out of recycled plastic and removed of BPA and all toxic chemicals in the plastic. The lid also serves as a filter in the bottle. All you have to do is change out the lid every few months, and it’s 100% recyclable. They also have Bobbles in a variety of different colors to choose from so you can buy one that is completely unique for you. We both bought one a few months ago and absolutely love it! It has completely reduced our use of plastic water bottles and we feel so much better knowing its doing our bodies a world of good. Here is the link to the Water Bobble website. Order yours now and start helping the environment and helping yourself!

While searching for new fun things recently on Etsy, I came across Mac Decals. If you know us, it’s no secret that we’re Apple-product obsessed. So, stumbling upon this was like the hitting the jackpot, as far as accessorizing our tech products go. Clever Etsy artists have designed all kinds of decals for decorating your MacBook from Snoopy (see below) to Snow White, Animal from The Muppets, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. They’re an adorable way to spice up your laptop and prices start at $2–what a deal!

Are you glued to your cell phone 24/7, even when eating out? So are we. Hence, our fave fun finding this week.. the Phone Stacking Game, which has gone viral across the country. The rules are simple. Once you and your party sit down for a meal, everyone stacks their phone in the middle of the table, face down. If you pick your phone up/flip it over to check, you’re the one who has to foot the bill for the whole group. If more than one person checks their phone, the bill is split between those who looked. And, if everyone at the table fails miserably and picks up their phone, everyone pays for their own meal. We haven’t attempted the game just yet, but for those brave enough to test the game and put their phones down for an hour or two, good luck– we hope you don’t get stuck paying the bill for the whole table!