Fun Findings Friday #6

Instagram Photo A Day Challenge
Our first fun finding this week is for all of you iPhone owners. If you don’t have the Instagram app, we highly suggest you download it and participate in this awesome photo a day challenge. Each month, a list is put out consisting of a different subject/topic per day that you’re challenged to photograph. We’ve always been big fans of Instagram, however, it wasn’t until we discovered this awesome list that we greatly increased our use of the app. It’s so much fun, and pretty addicting!
Split Decision Pie Pan

Ever had one of the moments in the kitchen and can’t decide which dessert you want to make? If you’re torn between which pies to make, the Split Decision Pie Pan (retailing for $18.95) is a wonderful asset for your kitchen! In fact, it’s so great that it’s currently backordered until next week. We can’t wait to purchase one of these ourselves! Apple and Pumpkin Pie anyone?

Mark Zuckerberg’s Pinterest

Our third fun finding of the week is Mark Zuckerberg’s Pinterest site. The Facebook CEO joined the newest (and currently hottest) social networking site earlier this week and already has close to 4,500 followers! Although he doesn’t have full boards (some are completely empty), it’s awesome to see him supporting his fellow social networking sites and being active on them! His boards include: Overwhelmingly Spectacular, Random Stuff I Like, For My Mouth, and What building inspires you? Zuckerberg even has a board filled with snapshots of his friends’ iPhone homescreens (which inspired us to change ours)!