Movie Review: Gone

Vanished. Disappeared. Missing. These are all terms used in Summit Entertainment’s new mystery thriller, Gone. This film could have easily gone wrong, and not in the way the film title was intended. But this film takes a different turn and is genuinely thrill-induced and left me at the edge of my seat at every turn!
In this psychological thriller the young woman named Jill, played by Amanda Seyfried, is reeling from a traumatic experience that included getting abducted and left in a hole in the middle of the woods to die, that has left her scarred. Fairly soon into the movie her sister Molly goes missing and Jill fears she has been abducted by the same man in attempt to kidnap Jill again since she has been the only woman to escape him. After the police writes her off, she goes on a mission to find her sister and kill her kidnapper. 
The premise and story line of the film is quite redundant and can so easily fall short, but I was pretty impressed by the upkeep throughout the film and Seyfried’s ability to keep the story believable and thrilling. Though a little predictable, it is enticing and for anyone who enjoys and mystery, this will be the movie for you. And if you enjoy beautiful scenic backgrounds in your movies, this one will not disappoint. Set in Portland, Oregon, the location becomes a character in itself. Portland is famous for its dark, wet atmosphere and gives the film a certain edge that helps the storyline.
Although the film is not Oscar-worthy and definitely has its ups and downs, it’s a fun, action-packed thriller to go enjoy two hours in a theater.