Spring Into the New Season with Style

Happy first day of Spring everyone! Rejoice! Let the flowers bloom and the warm air come through. Well, if you’re from Florida like me, we didn’t have much of a winter to begin with, but we’re happy anyways! So in honor of today I thought I’d like to share some beautiful hairstyles we should all try out this Spring!

Romantic Side Bun

Although this looks like a complicated style, it is quite easy, with just a couple steps and only taking just a few minutes to prepare. Begin with teasing the hair all over. Top, bottom, underneath and sides. Secure your hair in a low, side ponytail, just behind the ear, leaving a front piece out. Take half-inch strands from the pony and pin in up, down and all-around, hiding the pins underneath your hair. The more you do it and play around with it, the easier it will become and the more unique style you will make out of it. Do what you wish with the front bang piece. And now you have a great style!

Natural Waves

This style is one of my favorites. It looks effortless, natural and beautiful. It gives off a look like you’ve spent the day frolicking around the beach. There are many different ways to achieve this look, depending on your own hair type. It can be done using a big barrel curling iron, large round brush (while blow drying), or sleeping in a loose braid throughout the night. However you can do it, the effort is worth the outcome!

Single Braid 

Not a single braid down the back of your head. A single braid from the front of your head that gets pinned to the back, normally accompanied with loose curls, but also looks cute with straightened hair. This is a look that takes a couple practices to get your fingers used to forming the braid. But don’t get frustrated. Just keep trying! It’s such a cute style that is a perfect look for Spring (and Summer!)

Perfect Pony

This is such a great ponytail that everyone can achieve easily. Start off by straightening your whole head of hair. Once you get it to your desired straight, with a soft brush, pull back your hair and tighten it with an elastic. (You can leave strands out for bangs if you like). Then take a small strand from your pony and wrap it around the elastic of your pony and pin it underneath. And you have a perfect pony for Spring!

Straight Down Bangs

This is a cute look, but doesn’t always look great on everyone. This is a style that you definitely need to have the right face shape and size for, but if you’re bold enough to do it, then rock on! This style is also high-mantience so make sure you have to patience and time to deal with these!