Mad Men: Season 5 Premiere Recap

The 4-time Emmy winning show is back! Leaving fans waiting 17 months since the season 4 finale, the 2-hour premiere of season 5 proved that fans are devoted as ever. Fortunately for me, I hopped on the Mad Men bandwagon a little later, watching seasons 1-4 entirely over the past couple months, resulting in a much shorter wait time. If you haven’t seen the show yet, I advise you to catch up! And if you haven’t watched last night’s episode yet, I advise you to stop reading now. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Photo taken from official AMC Mad Men website

In its highest viewed episode ever, the burning questions we were left with at the end of last season still haven’t fully been answered– although we know that Don Draper did go through with his marriage to Megan, his former secretary. However, the marriage isn’t all rainbows and butterflies, as Don’s embarrassment is very clear at his surprise 40th birthday party when his wife serenaded him in front of friends and colleagues with a famous French song of the ’60’s “Zou Bisou Bisou” (see below). No matter how awkward the song was for viewers to watch the serenade, the tune has remained rooted in heads since last night.

At SCDP (Sterling Cooper Draper Price), Roger clearly has no leads on business since he lost the Lucky Strike account, so he’s stalking out Pete’s calendar and showing up at his meetings, trying to take credit for the potential business. However, it’s Pete who has the last laugh as he writes in fake meetings for Roger to show up to. On a more personal note, does Roger know that he’s the father of Joan’s baby? Doesn’t seem that way (although I hope he finds out soon)! As far as we (and Joan) know, her husband is still overseas at war and will be returning “soon,” so the speculation that he’ll get killed in the war can’t be ruled out just yet. In the meantime, she seems to be struggling as a single mom, as Pete seems to want nothing to do with his baby girl–will anything about his child with Peggy ever come up again!?

Photo taken from official AMC Mad Men website 

Although the premiere wasn’t all that I’d hoped it’d be, it was set up perfectly for the season ahead. As we’re now set in the year 1966, the civil rights movement will take a large role in this season’s plot. Scenes for next week look especially exciting (and drama-filled), with the appearance of Betty and her husband Henry (who were absent from the premiere episode). Don’t forget to tune in next week at 10pm/EST on AMC!