Fun Findings Friday #12

Clocky Alarm Clock 

Are you a deep sleeper who has problems waking up to your alarm clock every morning? Well this is the product for you! You no longer have to stress about running late due to over sleeping. This new product entitled “clocky” is an alarm clock on wheels. When it goes off at the horrid 6 a.m. wake up call, it will fall off your dresser, run around the room, waking you up and forcing you out of bed to turn it off. No more oversleeping and no more scolding looks from your boss when you tossle in twenty-two minutes late. This product is available in stores like the high-fashion boutique Francesca’s or on Amazon. Check it out!
The Return of Punk’d

Last night marked the return of the widely popular MTV show Punk’d! The only downfall to this? No Ashton Kutcher. Boo. But, the show has revamped and each week they will have a different celebrity host who will plot out scenarios to punk their famous friends. This week started with teen idol Justin Bieber punking three different celebrities. The first one was country songstress Taylor Swift. The Beibs tricked her into thinking she ruined a wedding by “accidentally” setting a boat (the location of the “wedding”) on fire. Pretty good. Then he  went on to punk Sean Kingston and, eventually Miley Cyrus. In my opinion, Miley’s was by far the funniest. She was planning to punk him but the whole time he was punking her and she had no idea! Check out this preview for the new season and tune in every Thursday at 10 p.m. on MTV for new Punk’d episodes!

Lionel Richie’s Tuskegee

Lionel’s newest album, Tuskegee, was released earlier this week, and BOY were we excited! Although there aren’t any new songs on the album, he performs his greatest hits with some of the biggest country stars today, including our favorites: Kenny Chesney, Blake Shelton, and Jason Aldean. If you haven’t checked the new version of the songs yet, make sure you do! The country twist on his classic hits makes them even better– and we didn’t think that was possible!

Complete Tracklist (with country artist):
1. “You Are”- Blake Shelton
2. “Say You, Say Me”- Jason Aldean
3. “Stuck On You”- Darius Rucker
4. “Deep River Woman”- Little Big Town
5. “My Love” – Kenny Chesney
6. “Dancing on the Ceiling” – Rascal Flatts
7. “Hello”- Jennifer Nettles
8. “Sail On” – Tim McGraw
9. “Endless Love”- Shania Twain
10. “Just for You” – Billy Currington
11. “Lady” – Kenny Rogers
12. “Easy” – Willie Nelson
13. “All Night Long” – Jimmy Buffet