Fun Findings Friday #13

We stumbled across the #WHATSHOULDWECALLME Tumblr account earlier this week and are beyond obsessed. Using quick video snippets from famous TV shows, movies, or viral videos, this site will have you literally LOL-ing all day. Check it out, and here’s a sneak peek a funny (and embarrassingly true) picture from the site.

House At The End Of The Street Trailer
We are huge fans of The Hunger Games here at Small Towns & City Lights. Therefore, we have become huge fans of the super talented “Girl on Fire” herself, actress Jennifer Lawrence. We are also huge fans of anything and everything scary. So mix the two and you can say we are pretty excited. Just a few days ago, Jennifer’s new horror film teaser trailer was released and man, does it look good! Check it out and enjoy the suspense with us!

One Too Many Kit
You know those days when you wake up with a killer headache, bright lights and noise make you extra cranky, and you just want a bottle of water? We’ve all been there. This One Too Many Kit can be bought for $10 here and is a great little pack to keep in your car or purse for quick on-the-go access.