Movie Review: American Reunion

American Reunion is in theaters now!
Earlier this week, Rachel and I were invited to see an early screening of the 4th installment of the American Pie films, American Reunion. And let me just say now, we laughed our butts off through this entire film. For fans of the franchise, it will provide a nostalgic return to East Great Falls, filled with laugh-out-loud moments and fond memories from the past. If you haven’t seen the previous movies, you’ll be able to keep up with the story, the characters and the humor.
American Reunion marks the triumphant return to the beloved town and high-school for some of our favorite ridiculously raunchy kids. Although, they are no longer high-school kids. It’s been ten years since they’ve graduated and they are all living their lives as adults, business men and women, and even parents. In one long overdue weekend, these friends rekindle the fire in their friendships, and even some romantic relationships. The best part of the reunion is to find out that although situations have changed, these characters are still the same characters we’ve grown to love, and the chemistry between the friends haven’t changed a bit. Distance apart has not broken the bond of these crazy boys. 
When we first met these characters, it was the Summer of 1999, and all four boys were in a persistent search to lose their virginities. Now when we meet them again, Jim and Michelle are married with a child, Vicky and Kevin ended their relationship and Heather and Oz (sadly) broke up. Finch is still reeling from his time with Stifler’s mom and good ole Stifler hasn’t changed a bit. 
We recommend all of you fans of the franchise to run, don’t walk, to go see this movie. It is worth the $10 and I think it’s safe to say it was our favorite of them all. For those who haven’t seen the others but enjoy a good raunchy comedy, you will definitely be happy you chose this one. Rachel and I are already making plans to see it again!
We definitely give this movie a thumbs up!