Getting Crafty At Painting With A Twist

I’m usually pretty good at doing arts and crafts, but painting on a blank canvas is something I never thought I’d be able to master. Well, not master, but at least be semi-good at. But Painting With A Twist is something that’s perfect for everyone- whether you consider yourself an artist or not.

My two paintings!

My first experience with Painting With A Twist was in Dallas, Texas last summer and I absolutely loved it! And a couple of weeks ago, I discovered another location in Tampa, Florida and was very excited to attend my second painting class, especially as the painting class was a fundraiser for the March of Dimes, one of the charities I’m most passionate about.

Currently in 16 states (with multiple locations), Painting With A Twist is something I would definitely recommend you do! The price and time of each painting class varies, typically from 2-3 hours and $25-$45, depending on the painting. The atmosphere is VERY relaxed, as you’re allowed to bring in snacks and drinks (including alcoholic beverages)– hence the twist. The painting is pre-determined, as you sign up online for the date/time/painting. Make sure you check your local calendar to see what paintings are available in your area. On the day of your class, make sure you arrive a little early to pick up your canvas, paint, and put on your painting apron (both included in the price). Arriving early also gives you some time to socialize with your friends and other people in the class, as well as getting your draaaank on beforehand.

My mom and I pre-class with our wine

 I already have my eye on a couple more paintings coming up. In fact, I’m thinking about making Painting With A Twist outings a monthly occurrence. It’s THAT fun! For more specific information, check out the official website here.