Carrie Underwood: Blown Away Album Review

This May marks seven years since this unbelievable talent won the hearts of America and became the American Idol. Now, she has just released her fourth studio album and is recognized as one of the most successful female country artists ever. As one of my favorite singers around, I had been on the edge of my seat for weeks, counting down until Carrie Underwood’s new album was in my possession. The time has now come and here is what I think about Carrie’s latest career mark:

I must admit, at first, I was a bit underwhelmed. Although, the more I listen, the more I enjoy. It’s no secret that Carrie has the best voice in country music. (You all know it!) She vocally knocks out every song on this album, never over-singing the ballads and never underwhelming with the hard chords. Blown Away successfully showcases Carrie’s incredible dynamic range, but some of the songs and lyrics lie flat.
But hey, not every song can be a hit!

One of my favorites on the album is “Two Black Cadillacs”, which is a tale of revenge and a song hard to ignore. This song is probably the most story-telling song on the album, being able to clearly see the images in your head.

“Good in Goodbye” is a wonderfully soulful track that every girl can relate too. It’s perfect for those girls who are having trouble saying goodbye to guys they know they should let go, reassuring us that sometimes it’s good to get out.

“Cupid’s Got a Shotgun” is a very Miranda Lambert-sounding song. Definitely a country tune at it’s finest. It’s upbeat and fun and I totally see it as a concert-opener!

“One Way Ticket” is the perfect Lionel Richie-esque tune that makes you want to sip a strawberry daiquiri, lay on a beach beneath swaying palm trees, sleeping your sorrows away.

The title track “Blown Away” gives us hints of her past songs like “Lessons Learned” and “Some Hearts”, but this one has a bit of a darker sentiment behind it.

“Leave Love Alone” and “Do You Think About Me” are very country sounding, adding in a little bluegrass effect, but definitely upbeat.

Carrie’s two big ballads on the record are “Forever Changed”, which is a heart-breakingly beautifully song, and Carrie’s self-proclaimed favorite song on the album. “Who Are You” is a beautiful love song that ends the album perfectly.

I still believe Carnival Ride is Carrie’s best album to date, with perfect consistency of songs, sounds and lyrics throughout the entire album. Play On was definitely an album to live up to as well. But, Blown Away does hold up and gives us some great new tunes.

5 tracks I recommend downloading:
Good Girl (if you’re lazy and haven’t already!)
Two Black Cadillacs
Good In Goodbye
Leave Love Alone
One Way Ticket
Forever Changed