Fun Findings Friday #20

BOGO Drinks at Starbucks
Our favorite season is officially in swing at Starbucks, marked with red cups and Christmas cheer! Now through Sunday (at 2-5 p.m. each day), if you buy one Starbucks Christmas flavored drink, you’ll receive a second Christmas flavored drink of your choice. With a non-sale price of at least $3, you won’t regret participating in this BOGO drink event!

Personalized Pet ID Tags
My dog is a bit of an escape artist, and after a couple times getting out and giving me extreme anxiety, I decided to invest in a tag with her name and my phone number. The makeyourdogsmile shop on Etsy features a number of different shapes, sizes, metals, and fonts for pet tags. After contacting the shop owner about the custom design I wanted for my dog, she put a design together and had the tag out to be in no time – arriving in adorable gift wrapping. Prices starting at $14, these tags are well worth the investment! 

Black Friday App
Today marks exactly one week until the biggest shopping day of the year – Black Friday! If you’re planning to go out to get your shop on, you’ll want to be prepared! Sure, you can plan ahead. But trying to store each store’s sales in your head might drive you crazy (not to mention the lack of sleep). This (free) awesome app allows you to view the scanned or listed sale items for each store, create a shopping list, and even compare sales of specific products to find out where you can get the best deal.