Tuesday Tunes

I am officially 100% back on the boy band bandwagon. I can’t help it, the songs are so catchy! My tune this week is “They Don’t Know About Us.” It’s a cookie cutter boy band song about a relationship and outsiders not understanding how amazing things are.. cheesy, yes. But enough to make you swoon. This song (and yes, a few other 1D songs) has become my jam in the car.

My tune for this week is “Two Black Cadillacs” by Carrie Underwood. This song is on her latest album, Blown Away, and is now her new single hitting the radiowaves. When I first picked up her album, this song was the first one I put on repeat. I was so compelled by the story of this song. It’s dark and dramatic and you can almost picture the story as a movie in your head as you listen to the song. And, who doesn’t love a story about revenge?