Fun Findings Friday #21

CVS Gift Card Exchange
Have any gift cards collecting dust – as in the reject ones that you know you’ll never use? Bring them into CVS and exchange them for a CVS gift card (no matter where they’re from). This is awesome on several levels. Not only do you get to get rid of the gift card that’s been sitting in your wallet for months/years, but you’re able to trade it in to a store that you’d actually shop at. If only all stores would follow this.

Mimobot Flash Drives
This is the perfect thing for your inner geek. Living in a digital age, it’s important to always back up your files – you never know when your computer might crash or file not save. The Mimobot flash drives are great for storing your files and also a fun toy to tote your files around on. Flash drive characters range from superheroes and villans to Hello Kitty, Star Trek, and Albert Einstein. You can also choose what size drive you’d like – from 2GB and up. We can’t wait to order ours! To check out the full collection, visit the official Mimoco website.

York Photo Freebies
Attention people who love free things! Our third Fun Finding is something we’ve already taking advantage of from York Photo. Visit their site and order your own personalized 11×14 collage poster, desk calendar, or 4×6 book – all custom made with your selected photos. All you have to do is pay the shipping cost which ends up being about $4. Not a bad deal at all! Once you’ve chosen your item, customized it, and are ready to check out, enter: “SPECIALHOLIDAY”in the coupon code section and you’re good to go!