Celebrity Hair Trends for 2013

Celebrities are inspirations for us women in a lot of ways. Fashion. Makeup looks to try…. One thing that we all look to when needing some Hollywood inspiration is hair. Every time a celebrity has a new cut, style or hair color, us women run to our hair salons with our magazines in hand, giving our stylists the impossible task of “I want that!”

In honor of a brand new year, and a brand new you, here are some of the best hair trends our favorite stars are rocking this year for us all to try!

Julianne Hough’s Short ‘do
The Safe Haven star chopped off all her locks to play Katie in the Nicholas Sparks film adaptation. She loved it so much she kept going and cut even more. It’s fun, easy and adorable.
Jennifer Lawrence’s Bangs
Bangs are hot right now! Everyone from Taylor Swift to Michelle Obama is sportin’ the style. But, if blunt bangs frighten you, here is a great way to do it, but leave it with a little more room to style.

Hayden Panettiere’s Au Natural Locks
The star of Nashville is usually primed up, but now she is going for a more natural look with a middle part and natural bounce and volume in her golden locks.

Lauren Conrad’s Blonde Ombre
The reality star has always been a fashionista, but recently this California girl has stepped up her hair game as well. She’s living proof that blonde’s can rock ombre too! 
Katie Holmes’ Long Waves
The former Dawson’s Creek star is bringing the beach to the city. In a more sophisticated fashion. The longer the hair, the better when it comes to this look, which requires long layers and a curling iron to perfect.

Jennifer Aniston’s Long Layers
Jennifer Aniston has always been the queen of hair. It’s simple and sexy and envied by every woman. Get some long layers into your style and invest in a big round brush to help blow dry some volume into your hair. 

Kristen Stewart’s Bed Head
The messy look is totally awesome. The Twilight star has proven that time and time again. This helps if you have natural waves in your hair, but it’s not necessary. All you need is a 1-inch barrel curling iron, some holding spray and a little tease… And maybe even actually sleep in the style to wake up with this gorgeous “bed head”.

Selena Gomez’s Sleek Straight
The Disney star has long, gorgeous hair. We all think to have glamorous locks we need curls, curls and more curls. But this starlet has shown that sleek straight hair is coming back!

Jessica Alba’s Dark-to-Light
This new mom is a hair winner in my book. Along with the glamorous curls, Alba has shown how dark-haired woman can rock the ombre look!