Movie Review: Side Effects

I went into this movie eager to find out the details behind the fast-paced preview/commercial of Side Effects I’d seen so often. However, as I’m sure you readers know, the eagerness can be a good or bad thing – depending on whether you decide thumbs up or down at the end of the film. But in this case, the casting of the four well-known actors paid off. After all, who doesn’t love Jude Law, Catherine Zeta Jones, Channing Tatum and/or Rooney Mara?!

The movie starts out with Rooney Mara’s character, Emily, visiting her husband Martin (Channing Tatum) in prison. Turns out, he was locked up for insider trading a year into their happy marriage and four years later, he’s about to be released. Happily ever after you’d think. But turns out since her world fell apart – when Martin was hauled off to prison, she’d been facing a terrible bout of depression, including after he returned home to her.

The movie title – Side Effects comes in here when she starts seeing a new psychiatrist, Dr. Banks (Jude Law), for her depression and tries out a few new pills that – you guessed it – have some major side effects. And naturally, once the pill popping starts, things start to get absolutely crazy!

Without giving anything away, I will say that there were some very unexpected twists in this movie plot. And I loved it! Most of the time I figure things out in movies before they happened but in this case, I had no idea what was coming. I definitely recommend hitting the movies this weekend to check this psychological thriller out.