Best Beauty Products: February

Here we are again… at
the end of yet another month. But, with that comes a list of my latest discoveries
and favorite beauty products for the month of February. So, here are some great
essentials for you try and devour yourself with. Go splurge on something for
yourself. You deserve it!

Living Proof Restore
Mask Treatment

This product is a weekly intensive
treatment specially made for dry and damaged hair. I normally don’t have problems with dry hair and damaging, but in the colder months, my hair dries out. This product gave it smoothness, life and body back. Promoted by Jennifer Aniston and her famous hair dresser, this product is worth the price!
Clean and Clear Dual
Action Skin Moisturizer

This has become an
addiction for me. If I run out (which the bottle should last quite a few
months), I will go out in the middle of the night to get more. I lather my
entire face and neck in this product every morning and every night after I wash
my face. Not only does it moisturize dry patches on your skin, it also has
salicylic acid in it to help prevent any unwanted imperfections (ie: breakouts
and zits) to the skin.
Smith’s Rosebud Salve
This vintage product
proves that the older, the better! Not that this lip balm is necessarily old,
but it has an old-school look to the canned lifesaving product. It’s got a
tasty scent and is great for chapped and cracked lips. It’s also great for
growing cuticles and dry hands.

NARS Bronzer/Blush Duo

Specifically the Orgasm/Laguna bronzer and blush, this product gave my makeup routine a great color combo and the perfect contouring it so desperately needed. Pretty much everything NARS makes is great, but this is by far my favorite blush and bronzer that I’ve ever used!
TIGI Rockaholic Fun
Times Flexible Hairspray

This is the perfect hairspray to help create that fun, sexy, messy, rocker look that we all strive for these days. It’s flexible, without leaving any hard residue on my hair, and allows me to still run my fingers through it. And a plus: It smells delicious!