Spring Into Fitness

The warmer seasons are
right around the corner, which means beaches, bikinis, shorts and tanks. This
is every girl’s cold month’s nightmare… knowing that soon after we have to shed
those layers that we’ve been hiding our extra food underneath for months. But,
now is the time to get into shape so we can look and feel as fabulous as we are! Here are a few of my favorite tips
to help get ourselves into shape. And yes, I’ll be doing this right along
with all of you!

Stop the Laziness:
You know that (very
short) 30 minute episode of “Boy Meets World” you watch religiously every
day when you get home from work or school? Take that time to be active! Even
just 30 minutes of movement will do you good. You can still watch your show,
but during the episode (albeit, the same one you’ve seen a hundred times)
alternate different activities, like jumping jacks, sit-ups, lunges and hand-held
weights. All of this can be done while you’re admiring TV’s ultimate couple,
Cory and Topanga.

Mind & Body:
This one is for my
fellow reading lovers – Download the “book on tape” version of the book you’re
reading or have wanted to read (but could never find the time) on your iPod or
iPhone. Get on the treadmill, elliptical or bike and get lost in a story. All
of the sudden, you’ll realize that 6 chapters later, you’ve been working on
those legs for over an hour without even realizing. Challenging your mind and


Switch It Up:
Don’t do the same ol’
boring routine day in and day out. Your body will get bored and you’re much
more likely to quit. Try doing a different activity every day to keep it
interesting – And never be afraid to try something new! Go outside, do a
workout DVD, have a gym day, take a Pilates class, bike ride through a park or
grab your best gals and go dancing!

Keep a Food Journal:
While on my new health
kick, I was reading Carrie Underwood’s secrets to staying fit in my magazine.
Her number one “must have” was a food journal. Explaining she now uses an
iPhone app called LiveStrong: My Plate. Right then I downloaded the free app
myself and quickly became addicted. You type in your current height and weight
and declare how much weight you’re looking to lose, or if you just want to
maintain your current size. Then you begin to enter everything you eat
throughout the day. It tells you how many calories are in everything, and how
many calories you should consume daily. This is an excellent way to watch or
change your eating habits.

Dress for Success:
For us fashionista’s,
it’s all about the style! A drabby workout outfit can definitely damper our
motivation. Treat yourself to some new outfits that will totally make you want to
go out and show them off!

Ditch the Coffee:
Don’t give that totally
lame excuse of “but I need it to wake
up…” No… You don’t! Kick that habit to the curb and pick up a much healthier
addiction…like a smoothie! Not only are they delicious and full of antioxidants,
but there are many different options to fit everyone’s desires.  And it will also energize you for the day

Probably the most
important out of all the tips: WATER! And not just nursing one bottle
throughout the workday. You need multiple bottles and glasses. My favorite
product is the “Water Bobble”. I use it every day while I’m at work and working
out. It’s a reusable plastic bottle with a filtered top, which ensures clean
water while helping the environment by using less wasted plastic. You can find these bottles in stores like Target and Sports Authority. You can also buy online here.

Don’t Deprive Yourself:
Lastly, don’t deprive
yourself from a treat every now and then. Even a daily treat. Dark chocolate
has been proven to be heart healthy, so maybe allowing yourself one or two
Hershey Kiss pieces a day, to not feel like you’re lacking any sweets. And pick
a day out of the week where you will allow yourself to eat whatever you want
(in reason and in portion control) or have any dessert you want! You’ve worked
hard all week, you deserve it!