Fun Findings Friday #31

Zombie Bookends 
Zombie fan? Avid reader or displayer of books? This finding’s for you. These Zombie Metal Art Bookends can be purchased for $47 (including shipping from Etsy). If you’re thinking they’re a little pricey, keep in mind that 1- it’s zombies and 2 – they’re made of steel, meaning they’re of good quality. Normally I just place my books in a bookshelf with no bookends but I’m seriously rethinking my decor with these crafty bookends. I think they’d fit perfectly on my shelf of all things The Walking Dead.

Cake Batter Dispenser
This Cake Batter Dispenser from Collection’s Etc. is a baker’s dream come true. For $9.99, you’ll be able to easily (and cleanly) dispense baker into your pan or dish. I think this baking accessory is especially awesome for cupcake-making — I don’t know about you but I always seem to drip batter along the side of the pan when scooping it in. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these!

The Hangover 3 Trailer
They’re baaaaack. I’m not sure exactly what the reasoning is, but the wolfpack is going back to Vegas. I don’t think it’s possible to ever top the original Hangover movie, but the sequel was pretty hysterical and I have no doubts that this one will be too. I mean, it’s Alan. Let’s be real. Check out the trailer for the third installment of The Hangover below.