Kona Kase: April Review

Although I haven’t been quite as motivated as I want to be with exercising (gym, walks/jogging, etc.), I think that’s all about to change. With the purchase of my new workout outfit from Target (yes, I need to bribe myself for these things), and Kona Kase, I can feel a workout coming on. New clothes and food. Motivation at its finest.

What is Kona Kase? A monthly subscription box for active people (runners, swimmers, bikers, power walkers, etc.) or anyone planning to become active, that includes 8 nutritional/energy boosting products each month for $15. The guys over at Kona Kase were nice enough to send April’s Kase to me for review – see what goodies came below.

Peanut Butter Clif Bar
I’m no stranger to this product. I actually purchase the Clif Crunch Granola Bars ($1) often so I was happy to find this in my box! High in fiber and proteins, these bars sometimes act as my breakfast during mornings in the office. If you’re not a peanut butter fan, there are 4 other flavors available to choose from (and a fifth including chocolate and peanut butter).

Dark Choco Mint Energy Bar
I really like the concept behind Earnest Eats and the fact that their product was grown by refugees. The Dark Choco Mint Energy Bar ($2) wasn’t great on the taste buds (in my opinion) but I think that’s also from me not regularly eating wheat-free and/or vegan products.

Almond Butter Perfect Foods Mini Bar
I love finding snack products 100 calories or less and this was no exception. Another high-energy, gluten-free product, this Almond Butter Perfect Foods Mini Bar ($1.20) is a product especially good for your not-so-active days. Almond Butter also seems to be on the rise, considering this was one of two Almond Butter products in this month’s Kona Kase.

Clif Shot Bloks Energy Chews
Despite being familiar with the Clif brand for their granola bars, this was my first time seeing their Shot Bloks product ($2) – and let me tell you, I am OBSESSED with this and had to pace myself with this one. With 6 “shots” or pieces, these energy chews basically tasted like gummies – the fruity kid ones you can buy in character form – but better. There’s definitely a trip to the store in my near future with these at the top of my list!

Original Malt Brubar
This Original Malt Brubar ($2) was my least favorite item in this month’s Kona Kase taste-wise, but I do find the packaging to be pretty clever. Maybe it’s the name malt that turned me off before even trying the product but after a few bites, I wasn’t able to eat anymore. Brubar does have a few other flavors in their all natural energy bar that might be worth a try.

Milk Chocolate Caramel Cups
I was delighted to find a dessert-type product in my Kona Kase – especially something so similar to one of my favorites, Reeses. These Milk Chocolate Caramel Cups from Suncups ($2) are nut-free (safe for anyone with nut allergies), organic, and gluten-free but you’d never think so – they taste that good!

TCHO Chocolates
As much as I love my brand name chocolates like Hershey’s, it was refreshing to not only receive a unique brand – TCHO (a San Francisco-based company), but also chocolates in a health/energy food box. 4 pieces ($4) were included in my Kase/box and now that they’re all gone, I might need to plan a trip to San Fran. Double thumbs up for this inclusion!

Chocolate Sunflower Seed Almond Butter
This was the last item in April’s Kona Kase that I tried. I love Wild Squirrel’s packaging but was skeptical to try something called Chocolate Sunflower Seed Almond Butter ($1.25). I love all of the mentioned items separately but put together just sounded a little.. interesting. But I tried it and well, jokes on me, because, YUM. You can eat this by itself from the packaging but I also discovered that spreading some of this on saltines is a delicious snack. I visited the Wild Squirrel website and also found that you can purchase jars of this product – similar to peanut butter or Nutella. This product is also all-natural, gluten-free and vegan!

Kona Kase also includes an inspirational quote to keep you motivated, as well as an info card with detailed information on each of the products included – plus some additional coupon codes if you plan on buying more of a product you love. The 8 items in this month’s Kase retailed out to about $15.45 which makes the $15/month price not bad at all, especially considering you probably wouldn’t have discovered half of these awesome products on your own!

I loved this box for so many reasons – but mainly for introducing me to so many great food products that I might have never found otherwise. Not only that, but healthy foods, which can sometimes be difficult to buy when you’re tempted by the BOGO’s of junk food at the grocery store.

To receive 50% off your first box (you’ll pay $7.50 instead of $15), visit the Kona Kase site and enter code “ReferKona095” at checkout.