Celebrate Crate: April Review

I love arts and crafts. But with the craziness of life, it’s easy to choose vegging out on the couch having a Netflix marathon over doing something more stimulating to the brain like reading or a creative project. This is where Celebrate Crate comes in. The subscription box comes from Celebrations.com, a site full of party-planning ideas, DIY projects and recipes. There are a few different options you can choose from  depending on your style.

For $20 a month (including shipping), your crate will provide you with fun artsy projects and offer ideas (online) if you’re having a tough time figuring out how to begin. This particular crate, sent by the Celebrate Crate team, is the Send a Smile Celebrate Crate. Details of the goodies in April’s box below!

Mammoth Organic Sunflower Seeds
I don’t have the best track record for long-term flower/plant survival but am feeling inspired to give it another try after finding these Mammoth Organic Sunflower Seeds ($5) in my box. The suggested craft online with these seeds involved one of the other items in the box (the Plantable Paper) and was a really cute Mason Jar Gift Idea which you could probably create quite a few of. I definitely want to try this out. Not only would it be something fun to gift to a friend or co-worker, but I can picture one of these on my desk or on the kitchen counter as well!

Plantable Paper 
Suggested to go along with the previous item’s (sunflower seeds) craft, Plantable Paper ($1.50?)is a rough-texture/stock type paper. After researching Porridge Papers‘ product, I learned that the bright fun color papers sent to me aren’t available for sale until this fall, which was pretty exciting (sneak peaks are the best)!

Kreate-a-Lope Envelope Template
Regular store-bought envelopes are great, but having the ability to put your own together is even better. The Kreate-a-Lope Envelope Template ($8) doesn’t provide any paper for envelope creation, but gives you the exact dimensions needed to create the envelope (with tools). I’m loving the feature for adding an image to each flap of the envelope as well. In our digital age, sending a text or email is the quickest and easiest way to communicate – but nothing beats getting a decorative piece of snail mail.

Lick & Stick Glue
To help with the envelope creation, Green Sneakers’ Lick & Stick Glue ($2.50) was included in the box. Loving this – especially since both the envelope template and glue were created by the same company. Consistency is always good in these situations.

Dots Rectangle Labels
I know I’ve shared my love for Paper Source on the blog before, and I’m ready to do so again now. Not only do they have fun products but their stationary/paper goods are unmatchable, in my opinion. Their 8-pack of Slate Dots Rectangle Labels ($5) also go along great with the envelope and glue products included in April’s Celebrate Crate.

Cheryl’s Cookie Greeting
It’s always amazing to be on the receiving end of a flower/food delivery. But if you’ve ever sent one, you know it’s easy to be scared away from the delivery costs on top of whatever package you choose. I was really excited to find this $5 coupon for Cheryl’s Cookie Greetings for a few reasons. Aside from the obvious, (who doesn’t love coupons?!) this delivery actually costs $5 total – including delivery. It’s a fun alternate to sending a greeting card – and cheap! You can’t beat that.

According to my calculations, April’s Celebrate Crate retailed out to about $27, a fair deal considering the $20 price of the box. I really enjoyed this box and am excited to give these DIY craft projects a try! I’m also really interested in trying out some of the other Celebrate Crate options – namely the Mustache Bash Celebrate Crate which includes all things mustache (the obsession continues).
I think getting a craft subscription box is awesome because it not only lays out a specific project for you (where do you even begin on Pinterest – so many options), but it also sends you most of the items you need in order to do the crafts – perfect for this on-the-go world we live in where every minute of your day counts.

To keep up with Celebrate Crate, check out their website or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.