Keep Your Skin Healthy This Summer

The sun can be a wonderful ingredient for your skin. It gives you vitamins that keep you healthy and a bronze that makes everyone look better. But, if not used correctly, the sun can be a dangerous interaction for your body. So while you’re planning that trip to the beach this summer, take a peek at some of my favorite products that will protect you from the harmful rays, while giving you the natural summer glow you are craving!

Neutrogena Age Shield Sunscreen ($10)
This is one of my favorite products to use on my face during a day out in the sun. The 110 SPF is an extreme (and affordable) protection for my sensitive skin. This protects from any damage the harmful rays can cause like brown spots, irritation, peeling and breakouts.

Australian Gold Bronze Sunscreen Gel ($9)
This is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a darker skintone. Tip for those fair-skinned ladies like me: Lather on a regular 30 SPF sunscreen before you leave the house, then once you arrive at your sunny destination, spritz on your bronzer. Your skin will be protected while tanning minus that horrid burn!

Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunscreen ($10)
This product is great for anyone in any heat location, especially kids. Neutrogena Wet Skin was made to apply onto wet skin. This sunscreen will stay on and protected even when drenched in water or sweat. Can we say “GENIUS”?

Oscar de la Renta Sunstick ($26)
The stick of sunscreen leaves no one with an excuse for a sunburn. The stick is so small it will fit in any bag, and even some pockets. It is perfect for those often forgotten spots (ie: sides of nose and ears). This is perfect for the sunny days at the beach and the sweaty days on a hike.

Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Effect Lotion ($9)
One of my latest discoveries is this Shimmer Effect lotion that is perfect for that after-beach dinner date or night out on the town. This coconut smelling lotion is to be applied after showering off all your salt and sand. It brings out the bronze in your sun-kissed skin while giving your a shimmer glow.


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