Juniper Box: April Review

I received my first Juniper Box this month thanks to Juniper CEO, Lynn. Juniper is a that-time-of-the-month subscription box that sends you your “supplies” (pads/tampons/pantyliners) as well as some additional surprise goodies to get you through the week, for $28/month.

When signing up for your subscription, you’re asked to select which brand(s) you prefer and whether or not you want Midol or need “extra protection” for heavy days. Also, select your next start date to ensure timely arrival of your Juniper box.

Before jumping into my review, I’d also like to wish a very happy birthday to Lynn (the Juniper CEO)! Thanks for creating such an awesome monthly subscription box all of us girls can truly appreciate.

TOM Essentials
As far as monthly essentials go, I received 20 Playtex tampons ($8) (regular and super), 10 Always pads/pantyliners ($4), and 2 packs of Midol ($2) in April’s Juniper box, packaged perfectly (loving the silk bag).

Now on to the goodies to help get you through the week…

Silk Shortbread Classic Butter Cookie
This delicious Silk Shortbread Classic Butter Cookie ($1) was delicious, as expected. I think it’s pretty difficult for someone to go wrong with a shortbread cookie. Modeled after the cookies in the U.K., Silk Shortbread also offers some other unique flavored cookies to go along with tea time.

Salty Dog Bites
100% natural, Salty Dog Bites ($2) from B.T. McElrath Chocolatier mix dark chocolate, butter toffee and sea salt are so good – and the perfect combo! I’m hoping local stores like Walgreens or CVS will start carrying this brand soon, they’re missing out big time!

Jer’s Peanut Butter Bar
This Jer’s Peanut Butter Bar ($3) was HEAVENLY. This bar tastes just like Reese’s (my favorite)! The only downside to it? It’s all gone now. I’ll definitely be looking this brand up to find out where I can purchase locally. Yum!

I’ve been seeing Cocomels ($1) everywhere lately! A mix between coconut and caramel, these candies are also vegan and gluten-free. I wasn’t a huge fan of them (I’m very particular about coconut) but I can see why many people would enjoy them.

Marich Chocolate Blueberries
I’m not familiar with this brand but am SO glad that Juniper introduced me to it. The Marich Natural Chocolate Blueberries ($2.50) are probably my favorite item in April’s Juniper box. With a mixture of both dark and white chocolate and blueberries, this treat has jumped up to the top of my snack list during TOM.

Honey Sticks & Tea
The first thing that caught my eye when opening up the treat bag was the trio of honey sticks from Betterbee (33c), as I’ve never seen a blue honey stick before! The 3 flavors – Blueberry, Root Beer and Lemon were so good! It’s really exciting to have found a honey flavor other than.. well.. original honey. Sometimes you just have to switch it up! Also, there were 3 Ahmad Tea bags (40c), another brand I wasn’t familiar with but really tasty! I do prefer fruity-flavored teas so these were right up my alley!

This is my favorite that time of the month subscription box by far! The price ($28) is more expensive than most of the other boxes that fall under the same category, but in my opinion, Juniper is a higher quality box. Retailed out, the box also totals approximately $24 – just shy of the actual cost of the box (but probably even once Juniper pays for box shipping).

To receive a FREE Juniper box, simply write in Small Towns & City Lights or my name (Rachel Gault) in the how did you hear about us section. Please keep in mind that due to popular demand, free boxes are backed up until the end of May. You have the option of waiting until then for your free box or paying for your first box and receiving the second free.

Visit Juniper’s website to subscribe or stay up-to-date with the company via Facebook and/or Twitter.



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