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Summer is just around the corner and that means one thing – we’ve all got vacation on our mind! Whether you’re traveling overseas or just around the corner, it’s important to get the best bang for your buck, which can be hard with so many options! I’ve been researching a few different vacations over the past few weeks and stumbled across a few sites that I think are amazing when helping you plan your trip. Check them out below.

My ultimate goal this year is to get to Europe. Where specifically? I couldn’t tell you, because I want to go EVERYWHERE. Obviously pricing is a huge factor in planning my trip so I was really excited to stumble across GetGoing, a travel site that helps you save 40% on flights and actually ends up selecting your trip destination for you! It sounds weird but it’s actually pretty awesome. You select your home airport, the region you want to travel to (e.g. Europe, Asia, South America), and then your tentative dates. The site will display cities in the region you selected, along with total price for the flights. Select your top two trips along with specific flights/flight times, and then voila – Get Going will make the final decision for you and book one of the two pre-selected itineraries. I haven’t booked my trip to Europe just yet, but I’ve been using this tool to monitor prices for various dates, as I’m having a difficult time determining where in Europe to venture to first!

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Bed & Breakfast
When planning a trip, another important factor to consider is where you’ll be staying. Don’t get me wrong, hotels are great. But nothing really beats a quaint little Bed & Breakfast when traveling, especially in historic areas or the countryside. Not to mention, the price is usually a lot less than a big hotel chain. The Bed & Breakfast site allows you to search by city and enter date parameters to find the perfect B&B location for your trip. Additionally, you can read reviews from previous patrons (which is always helpful).

I’ve used this site several times to book hotel stays and I love it! The deals are great for the most part and there are sales for various locations around the country (U.S. and Mexico) all the time.  also typically has great perks to booking through them such as getting upgraded or a complimentary breakfast added to your hotel stays.

What’re some sites you like to use when booking vacations? Any fun trips planned this year? I’d love to hear from you!



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