Le Parcel Box: April Review

Le Parcel is a subscription box for women everywhere which caters to that special time of the month. You know, that horrible, chocolate-craving, emotionally distressed, feeling like you’ve been hit by a bus time of the month. If you hate that red devil as much as I do, then this is a comfort box for you!

Le Parcel is $15/month (plus shipping).You recieve about a handful of tampons and pads, and a few pantyliners in every box, with your choice of differing depending on your product preference.
The best part about this particular subscription box is the choice of brand pads and tampons you prefer (ie: Tampax, O.B., Playtex or Kotex). If you think about it, you’re probably spending right around the same (maybe a few dollars less) at the store.

You also get two “treats” in every box. This month was three chocolate pieces and a pair of gold ancher earrings. The chocolate I liked, but the earrings I did not. They were very big not my style at all. But, it was a nice gesture.

All in all, this box is nice, especially with your choice of brand and products, but if you add up what you spend at the store and what you spend on this box, the store is a better deal. You’ll be spending about the same (if you are purchasing tampons AND pads) and recieving more for money at the actual store.