Essential Apps: May

Twitter #Music
I’ve always been a big fan of music and known amongst my friends to discover new artists – one of my many hobbies. Released only a few weeks ago, the Twitter #Music app definitely ranks as one of my must-haves for May. Whether you’re looking for trending popular songs (likely what’s being played on the radio) or emerging artists, you’ll find an overwhelming amount of new music. I hope you’ve been saving up some money on your iTunes gift cards! If you’re anything like me you’ll find a ton of new music to download, even in a short period of time.

Remember that game you used to play in high school during class? Although this isn’t quite that (there’s no opponent and you’re not necessarily making boxes), it’s still pretty addicting. Dots, my new favorite game to unwind the day with, is a challenge against yourself to see how many dots you can connect in 60 seconds. There’s no leveling up in this game (yet) but even so, beating your own high score – or the all-time high scores is enough of a challenge to me.

Fan of pop culture? The Akinator app ($1.99) is for you. Essentially a game of 20 questions, this genie is almost guaranteed to guess the person you’re thinking of – whether they’re real life people or characters from a movie or TV show. I’ve tried many times to stump this guy and if memory serves me correctly, he has only failed once throughout the years. Pretty impressive track record!