Fancy Box: April Review

Amidst all of the subscription boxes I’ve been receiving in the past couple months, the Fancy Box is by far my favorite or most anxiously-awaited for box. Arriving better than ever (in my favorite color – pink) this month, I received 5 items from my chosen categories: Women’s, Home, Gadgets, Media.

Flexible USB Hub
Ever experienced one of those times when you don’t have enough USB ports on your computer – or worse, one of the USBs is too big and takes up all of the space? Quirky’s Contort Flexible USB Hub ($25) solves that problem. Offering 4 USB ports in 1 and compatible with both Mac and PC, this is the perfect addition to the techie’s (myself included) collection.

Bento Box
In the “real world” there’s no such thing as the meal plan (like in the college days). And when you’re spending your own money, you’re MUCH more frugal. That said, I have a feeling that the Black + Blum Bento Box ($19) and I are going to be best friends. As in, I’ll be bringing my lunch from home in it at least a few days a week. A step up from the current tupperware I’m using, this lunch box includes all of the accessories needed for your mid-day meal.

Thumb-Lite Stick on LED
I’m really excited about the Thumb-Lite ($4) accessory in my box. Acting as a mini-flashlight, you can stick this little light on anything you own. Personally, I can’t wait to stick this baby on my front door key. I’m more than confident that this will come in handy, especially when getting home after the sun has set and I’m fumbling with my keys to find the right one by the light of the moon. Additionally, this product won the Retailer’s Choice Award at the 2011 National Hardware Show!

Fancy Nail Lacquer
My least favorite item in April’s Fancy Box was the Rainbow Honey Nail Laquer ($6). With 2 nail laquers and 1 cuticle balm, this is great for anyone who enjoys painting their own nails. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before but it’s an awful mess when I try to do my own nails, so I wouldn’t have any use for these. I wish Fancy allowed you to rate the items in your box so it was more customized to your likes/dislikes but I did select the Women’s category, which I’m sure is what this fell under.

iPhone Armband
The last item in April’s Fancy Box was the Motion Armband ($30) from Merkury Innovations. This was my absolutely favorite item in the box. Not only does it perfectly hold my iPhone 5 (4 & 4S as well), but it also fits comfortably on my arm and has an extra pocket to hold a key, if needed. iPhone 5 accessories are fairly hard to come by, especially ones that you like. This product has been used more than any other subscription box item I’ve received yet – and it’s only been a week!

April’s Fancy box retailed out to $84 – another win for the original Fancy Box considering the box costs $46.95 (including shipping) and I received it for about $27 with a coupon code. As usual, I normally wouldn’t purchase all of the items included in the box on my own. Mainly because I wouldn’t actively be looking for a lot of them. But Fancy never fails to surprise me with fabulous finds!

To receive $20 off your first Fancy Box, use the coupon code “20OFF16” at checkout.