Treatsie Box: May Review

I’m excited to introduce you all to a new subscription box this month – perfect for all the dessert lovers out there. Treatsie is a $15/month box that includes different artisan candies from all around the country (US). Each treat included is gourmet and isn’t something you’ll be able to purchase at your local grocery store. Even better, this monthly box is shipped out via USPS (always on a Monday that way you’re guaranteed to get it before the end of the week) and is WELL packaged and kept cool throughout its route to you.

Another thing I really love about this box is that the details of where each product came from is available on the Treatsie site, along with a video and Q&A submitted by each of the masterminds behind the treat to give us at the receiving end of the box, a better look at what we’re getting and who we’re getting them from.

Honey Vanilla Bean Marshmallows 
4 perfect honey vanilla bean marshmallows were included in May’s Treatsie box. I say perfect because that’s exactly what they were. Made in Arkansas at Lobolly Creamery, the ingredients are very unique compared to the typical marshmallows bought in the store. Honey is probably the most unexpected addition to this treat but actually tastes amazing!

The Caramel House Caramels
From first glance you’d think 3 of the same caramel treats were included. It wouldn’t necessarily have been a bad thing (I LOVE caramels), but each one had it’s own special kick to it and not surprisingly, rocked! The flavors included from this St. Louis shop were: Vanilla, Naked Turtle, and Beer & Pretzel.

I saved the Nutswhats Pecan Scribble and Cashew Coconut Scribbles for last. Rich buttery nuggets mixed with chocolate and their respective nuts (plus coconut in one), these dessert bars were delish! The Pecan Scribble was my favorite or the two, but it was definitely a close call. These treats came from Arizona and fun fact about them – apparently they were once featured on!

Since each of the treats included in the box come from a local bakery/sweet shop, it’s hard to say what the pricing is for each item individually. That said, for a unique dessert recipe, I think $15 is a great price for all of the goodies included. Not only were each of the items absolutely amazing (and I’m a picky eater), but I’m thinking about planning a trip to some of these locations just so I can visit the sweet shops in person. YUM!

To keep up with Treatsie, check the box company out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or Pinterest. And if you have a delicious treat at your shop you’d like to get out to the world, submit yourself in the vendor request form on their website.