Fun Findings Friday #44

Ticket Stub Diary:
I’ve tried to save many of my ticket stubs over the years, but there’s only so many you can keep laying around before you start to feel overwhelmed with little stubs everywhere. I think investing in a Ticket Stub Diary ($11) is a really great idea if you’re someone who attends a lot of ticketed events. I also believe that this will make things much easier for you during moves/spring cleanings. I’d love to look back later in life and remember all of the shows I’ve gone to!

Knickers in a Twist Book:
I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough of British slang/terminology. It’s just so much cooler than boring American accents (even though we have quite a few of them). This Knickers in a Twist book ($13) filled with British slang is at the top of my reading list. It’s probably also a helpful thing to know if you’re working at a global company (I’ve had the lingo confusion between countries myself).

Ellen Talks to Text:
If you’re an owner of an iPhone 4S/5 or one of the newer iPads and have utilized the talk to text feature (Siri), I’m sure you understand the frustration of basically everything you’re saying being wrong (I still love you, Apple). Check out the video below of Ellen (start at around the 2 minute mark) showing an example of what happens when you attempt to talk-text. Love it!