Cause of the Month: July

If you’re a fan of country music, and specifically country music radio, chances are you’ve heard or listen to The Bobby Bones Show. A syndicated radio station that broadcasts out from Nashville, Tennessee. One of the co-hosts, Amy, is a huge activist, especially for orphaned children in third world countries. My “Cause of the Month” for July is a non-profit organization, founded by Amy and friends, called TEEMHaiti.

Amy, Christy and Tiffany decided to create an organization based on their experiences traveling to Haiti, and wanting to help empower and mentor the Haitian people. They work on building their education, health and everyday life skills. TEEMHaiti even supports several children, which helps provide them with proper education.

Currently, Amy and co. is working on a special event titled “30 Abes”. This is an event that will happen on September 28, 2013, in which volunteers will get together at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium to assist in helping break the record for most meals packed in ONE HOUR for Haiti. Even the Guinness Book of Records people will be present to watch and calculate all the meals being packed and shipped of to Haiti.

The Bobby Bones cast rockin’ their “30 Abes” tees.

“30 Abes” stands for 30 cents, which is the cost of one packed meal. You can donate any spare change (or sacrifice your morning trips to Starbucks for week) to this incredible cause. Or, if you follow The Bobby Bones Show, you know that Amy has created a cool “30 Abes” t-shirt that you can purchase to help.

I just purchased my “30 Abes” tee, and would love to make it up to Nashville for the meal packing event. TEEMHaiti has my support all the way from Florida.

For more information on 30 Abes, click here.
For more information on TEEMHaiti, click here.

You can follow Amy on Twitter at @radioamy
You can also check out the Bobby Bones website, which highlights organization information.

Click here if you would like to purchase your own “30 Abes” tee!