Julibox: June 2013 Review

I received my second Julibox last week and was much more intrigued by the contents this go-around. Julibox is a monthly cocktail subscription box that runs from $36-40 depending on your subscription choice and includes 2 drink recipes and enough liquor/mixers to make two of each drink – four drinks total.

June’s box included recipes for Honey Bee Lemonade and Sangria Parisienne.

Honey Bee Lemonade
I was excited to find 2 bottles of Wild Turkey American Honey ($10) in the box for two reasons. 1- Yum. And 2 – It’s widely known that this is Herb Kelleher’s favorite/signature drink. Who’s Herb? The founder of Southwest Airlines (who I happened to intern with a couple years ago). This was sort of a trip down memory lane. Also included for this recipe, was a bottle of Caravella Limoncello ($3). Not included? The extra lemon juice (which is definitely needed) and sugar.

Sangria Parisienne
This was my favorite drink in June’s box and was also much more complicated than the typical alcoholic beverage (or so you would think). Included for this recipe were: 1 bottle of Grey Goose L’Orange ($5), 1 bottle of Woodbridge Sauvignon Blanc ($5) and 1 bottle of Espirit de June ($3). Similar to the previous drink recipe, the fruits (oranges and lemons) and sugar were not included.

The contents of this box retailed out to $30, a little less than the cost of the box. However, when subscribing you don’t pay an additional price for shipping, so the difference definitely goes to pay for it. This box is not light! Also, the recipe cards (which I love) are sealed in a fancy envelope and printed on sturdy paper to ensure that even if you spill something, your recipes will be safe from destruction.

If you’re interested in subscribing to Julibox, head over to their website and choose your subscription length. Happy drinking!