Tyler Florence Fancy Box: June 2013 Review

I decided to give the Tyler Florence Fancy Box a try this month, and am so happy I did! If you’re not familiar with Tyler Florence, he’s a celebrity chef (and hosts several shows on The Food Network). The  box costs $39 and an additional $7.95 for shipping (total of $46.95). Check out the goodies that came in June’s Tyler Florence box below:

Mini Burger Press
Sliders are one of my favorite things to order out, so I’m pretty excited about my new Mini Burger Press ($8) and that I’ll be able to make them at home. Another fun kitchen gadget to add to my collection!

Redneck Sipper Glass Set
Believe it or not I’ve actually seen this set of glasses in stores (Hallmark, I believe) and think they’re hysterical. Also, I love them. I’m all about anything including a mason jar, and I’m thinking these new Redneck Sipper Glasses ($20) are going to be a must-have item to go with my new patio furniture. What perfect timing!

There aren’t really words for this CocoDrill product ($10). Who knew there was a market for it?! I’ll have to give this one away to a coconut fan. Other than coconut rum and Mounds candy bars, this one isn’t for me.

Vine – Keep Your Wine in Line
Another awesome product from Quirky included in the box is Vine ($8), a two-bottle wine holder that helps keep your bottles orderly whether in the fridge or on the counter. I’m really excited to use this! It’s a fun alternative to just having the bottles sit in a row in the kitchen.

Burger Coasters
If you have a burger-lover in your life, these Burger Coasters, which feature a separate coaster for each layer of the burger ($6), are a perfect gift. Lucky for me, my boyfriend basically considers burgers a food group, so I’ll be leaving these on his desk to utilize. I think his only complaint would be that there’s no bacon coaster to go with the rest of the elements of the burger. But it will do!

Verseur Multi-Function Wine Opener
Since I started receiving subscription boxes, my wine accessory collection has grown tremendously and this box was no exception. The Verseur Mult-Function Wine Opener ($25) is probably the most handy, giving you the ability to open, serve and save wine – an all-in-one device if you will.

Flexicado Avocado Slicer
Another kind of weird, random product (even though that is what Fancy is all about) was included in the June Tyler Florence box. The Flexicado ($7). I’ve tried guacamole but other than that I’ve never had much interaction with avocados. However, this new accessory could be a major turning point in my relationship with the food.

In reality, I’d never purchase the majority of the items in this box if I were out shopping. But whatever you end up not being a fan of could make a great gift for someone else who might love it! This month’s box retailed out to $84. Another great deal from Fancy.

Sidenote: Fancy just started including return shipment labels with their boxes. I haven’t tried it yet but rumor has it you can return specific items from your box or the whole box itself for a refund. If anyone’s returned a box item, I’d love to hear about your experience!

If you haven’t checked Fancy out yet, do it! It’s awesome. They’ve been holding back on the coupon codes the past couple months so I don’t have any new good ones to share, but there’s always “FOLLOWUP10” to save 10%.

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