The Conjuring: Movie Review

Earlier this week, Kayla and I attended an advance screening of the most anticipated movie of the summer, The Conjuring. I’d actually been looking forward to seeing the film last October after seeing a few snippets from the film and attending the panel with the director (James Wan) and a few members of the cast.

The film (based on a true story) follows Ed and Lorraine Warren (played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga), a couple who work together as demonologists/mediums. Although they believe most of the time that there’s a simple explanation for something rather than a true haunting, they’re quick to pick up on the truth behind whatever may be going on.

More specifically, The Conjuring dives into the case of the Perron Family (Carolyn, Roger and their 5 daughters), who have just moved into their new home in Harrisville, Rhode Island. Excited to start the new chapter of their lives, they quickly start to experience strange things happening in their home (e.g. doors opening/shutting, voices, seeing ghosts, etc.). After things escalate to an unbearable level, the family reaches out to the Warrens for their expertise.

I appreciated that the characters in The Conjuring weren’t like typical scary movie characters, where they make dumb decisions while you shake your head and say that would never really happen. It was also refreshing to see a movie in this genre in an older time period AND based on a true story. The cinematography was also brilliant, along with a great cast to bring this crazy story to life.

I’m a huge fan of scary movies but have been pretty disappointed in the horror films that have come out recently. This movie has changed that. It’s genuinely one I recommend seeing in theaters – especially  after watching recent interviews with the real Lorraine Warren, who says the movie is pretty spot on with the events portrayed. The Conjuring hits theaters nationwide tomorrow.