Orange Glad Box: July 2013 Review

Orange Glad is a new monthly subscription box featuring baked goods and confections that will cost you $13-15/mo. (depending on your subscription length) plus shipping. As soon as I found out about this box, I was very eager to try it. I mean, who doesn’t love a box full of chocolates and other delicious desserts? Check out the contents of the initial Orange Glad Box below:

S’more Bites
The S’more Bites from Sweet Lydia’s ($4) were the first thing I tried in the Orange Glad Box (and also ended up being my favorite item). 4 bite-size s’mores were included in the package and were gone within a few minutes. If you don’t have time to make the real deal over a fire, these will definitely do.

Alice’s Stick Cookies
I love shortbread-y cookies and was really excited to find a whole box of them in my box! Alice’s Stick Cookies ($10) were really tasty and I’ve been trying to savor them, especially since they last the longest out of the items included in the box. You can purchase them in vanilla or lemon flavor.

Fat Witch Brownie
I’m really digging the bakery name for the brownie ($2.95), Fat Witch. This wasn’t my favorite treat in the box and it was probably for one of two reasons. First, I didn’t realize the expiration date to eat this was so soon (2 days) and second, the brownie was made of all natural ingredients. Great for my health, not as good on the taste buds.

Chocolate Bark
Whether you’re a white, milk or both kinds of chocolate-loving person, The Secret Chocolatier had us covered in this month’s Orange Glad box with a white chocolate bark and sea salt toffee bark ($3). I ate the white chocolate first and was surprised to find out that not only was the milk chocolate salty (love this) but there was also toffee in the middle (even better)!

Complete Peanutbutterness
If you’re a fan of peanut butter/peanut butter cookies (like myself), you will absolutely LOVE this Complete Peanutbutterness treat from Yummes ($5) which is half-covered in chocolate. It’s very rich and therefore difficult to eat in one sitting, but it’s exciting to keep coming back for more.

Twenty Pixels Button Pack
This button pack from Twenty Pixels obviously doesn’t fall under the baked goods category of the box, but was included as a bonus item for July. Although I’m not a button collector, I thought these were a cute addition to the box.

For the most expensive subscription plan, you’d by $21.95 after shipping for this box, and the July Orange Glad box was a solid $25 value. One of the greatest things about this box is that the treats included aren’t from one bakery – they’re from all over the place. I think I’m going to start making a list of my favorite treats included and incorporate some bakery stops into my future trips.

I also loved reading up on the various bakeries whose sweets were included and that Orange Glad included the ingredients used to make each of the treats. I did not, however, read the treat expiration date in time (I was too excited to get into the contents of the box), so make sure you do so when you open your box!

If you’re interested in subscribing to Orange Glad, visit their website and be sure to use the coupon “SMALLTOWNS6” at checkout for 10% off your subscription! You can also keep up with Orange Glad via FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Instagram.