Favorite Beauty Products: July

Another month has come and gone, and with that comes some fabulous (and affordable!) beauty products that I have found and fallen in love with in July. This month’s theme was drugstore brands. These well-made products are good for your skin, and a relief for your wallet, that compare to high-end beauty supplies. Take a peek and try them out for yourself…

E.l.f.’s Studio Bronzer

I recently ran out of bronzer (one of my must-have products for all year long) and feverously ran to my local drugstore to purchase one, since I was leaving on a flight the next morning and didn’t have time to make it to the mall. I’ve seen this brand before but never read too much into it. I admit, I judged a book by it’s cover and never purchased due to the extremely low pricing. Anything that is THAT cheap can’t be good, right? Wrong. I was pleasantly surprised by the nice highlights of bronze this gave my skin. And it’s only $3! Yes, $3! Stock up, ladies!

Almay One-Coar Nourshing Waterproof Mascara


Almay has always, and will forever be, one of my absolute favorite drugstore beauty brands. During the summer we’re always looking for a good mascara that will stay on through the water tortures our lashes go through this time of year. I am proven fact that this mascara stays on through sweating at the gym, playing at the beach and swimming in a pool. Perfect summer mascara for $8!

Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray

There is nothing better than being at the beach all day and coming home with wonderful “beach waves”. In fact, many of us strive for this look on a daily basis, especially during summertime. Not Your Mother’s came out with a “sea salt” spray that enhances waves… And it works! For $6 you can get beach waves at home.

EOS Hand Lotion

We all know about the life-changing lip balm from EOS, and now they’ve delighted us with another great product: hand lotion. In a few different yummy scents, you can keep your hands looking young and feeling soft with their travel-size lotions. Just add it to the list of things we can’t leave home without! Oh, and it’ll only cost you $4.

Physician’s Formula Brow Definer

There is nothing worse than bad eyebrows… This includes eyebrows that are too thin and too light. But don’t flinch… This cheap product works wonders! For $6 you can groom and darker your brows easily without the worry of overdoing it.