Luke Bryan: Crash My Party Album Review

It’s the day every country-lovin’ girl anxiously awaits. The day when we get new swoon-worthy music from the one and only, Luke Bryan. Well ladies, we’re in luck! Today we get an entire album of new music! “Crash My Party” was released today with 13-set track list. I was at Target the minute they opened to grab myself a copy (yes, I still buy CDs) and, may I say, I just continue to fall harder and harder in love with this man.

Although Bryan’s fourth studio album is highly predictable, and definitely your typical Luke music, it doesn’t mean it ain’t a “winner, winner!” When something works, don’t change the formula, right? That’s definitely what Bryan is doing and I’m still lovin’ it!

The album opens with Bryan’s latest single “That’s My Kind of Night” which kicks off the tone of the album. The party song is filled with lyrics about drinking beer, pick-up trucks and pretty girls… Which is pretty much the theme in every Luke Bryan song. “That’s My Kind of Night” also has a more fast-paced beat to it, demonstrating Bryan’s country-esque rap skills.

Not only does Bryan love to sing about drinking and partying, but he loves to sing about all his buddies. “We Run This Town” is a great tune that takes you down memory lane to your high school days. Guys and girls will relate to this anthem. “Blood Brothers” is a song straight out of the Bon Jovi book (just a little bit softer), that illustrates the connection of best friends and brotherhood.

Alongside his fun party songs, the ACM Entertainer of the Year winner also romanticizes his album with his loving declares like “Beer in the Headlights”, “Roller Coaster” and “Play It Again,” (which is my favorite track on the album). These songs aren’t ballads, but definitely tunes that will make you all swoon.

Bryan has never had any trouble expressing his vulnerability, which he does beautifully in “Drink a Beer” where he sings about dealing with death. This song is not over the top, it’s subtle and moving without trying to hard. You listen and see yourself in the moment.

“Crash My Party” is a solid album that is definitely worth the price, especially for all you diehard Luke Bryan fans, like myself. Luke can crash my party anytime and I will enjoy every second of it!

Must Download: “We Run This Town”, “Play It Again”, “Beer In Headlights”, “I See You” and “Drink a Beer”

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