Escape Monthly: August 2013 Review

The first ever Escape Monthly subscription box shipped this month and I’m really excited to have received the inaugural shipment. Escape Monthly features a different “escape” or destination each month filled with luxury items from the chosen location. The box is a little pricier than most other boxes at $50 but if you use the code “ESCAPENOW” you’ll receive 20% off, knocking the box down to $40.

What’s also awesome about this box, is that upon purchasing your subscription, you’re also entered to win a vacation to that month’s location! The first monthly “vacation” the company has taken us on is to Napa Valley, California. Check out the goodies below.

Napa & Sonoma Travel Book
I love that a travel book ($16.95) on this month’s choice destination (Napa Valley, CA) was included. Although I’ve never been there, it’s something that’s been on my radar for the past few years. I’m thinking that this is a sign that a trip is in order sometime soon!

Tiesta Loose Leaf Tea
I’m a big fan of tea and was really excited to find this package of Sparkling White Grape Tiesta Tea ($8) in this month’s Escape box. I’m a little bummed that the tea isn’t already pre-packaged in tea bags and I don’t have the proper accessories for loose tea. Regardless, I’ll find a way to give this tea a try!

Napa Valley Wine Soap & Floating Bath Candles
You can never have enough soap. And wine soap ($8.95)? How cool! The set of floating bath candles ($5.95) is also really cool. Although I’m a bit skeptical to actually have candles IN the bathtub with me, I think it’s an awesome inclusion for relaxation time.

Loofa, Clearly Natural Essentials Soap & Chocolate Mint Soap
The L’Ecuyer’s Gourmet 3 Butter Chocolate Mint soap ($1) caught my eye quickly upon my unboxing, and BOY am I glad I read the packaging. It really could be mistaken for the chocolate that you eat! It was nice to find a higher quality loofa ($2.50) in the box. I’ll definitely get some good use out of that!

Another bar of soap – Clearly Natural Essentials Vitamin E ($5) was included. but I’m not a huge bar of soap fan so I might end up giving one away. A $50 gift card to Naked Wines was also included, but I’m not sure I’ll get much use out of it, as I’d need to spend more than that to get anything good.

Mineral Essence Dead Sea Bath Salt
When it comes to baths, I’m obsessed with bath salts. I typically buy them from Bath & Body Works (that’s a dangerous store for me to go into), but I’m SO excited to give the Tangerine Sage-scented Dead Sea Salts ($5) a try – from the packaging alone I cant tell this is a high quality product. There are several other scents available, so I’m sure I’ll be trying some others out in the future.

Cookie Zen: Cookies & Corks
Naturally, these Zesty Lemon cookies from Cookies & Corks ($18) were the first thing I tried in August’s Escape Monthly box. Not only were they delicious, but they’re also made for pairing with wine (perfect for the Napa Valley theme). Some other fun facts about these cookies? They’re award-winning, don’t contain any artificial preservatives and are weight watchers approved.

Green Apple Body Scrub
With anti-aging antioxidants, vitamins, and other skin-nourishing ingredients, I think this Green Apple Body Scrub ($15) is going to be one of my new favorite bath/shower products. I wish this jar was bigger! There are a number of other scents for this product as well, but it’ll be hard to top this one, it smells so good I want to eat it!

7th Heaven Natural Face Mask, Mixture Lip Balm
I’m not typically one for facial masks (at least since middle school when I thought it was the coolest thing ever), but I’m very interested in trying the Detox Mud Natural Face Mask ($3) from 7th Heaven. I might even bust out some cucumbers for the occasion. This box is for pampering yourself after all! The Mixture Luscious Lip Balm ($3) has already become a bedtime essential for me. The spearmint scent is perfect to put me right into sleep/relaxation mode. I tested the Butter Cream Salve sample as well – it seems like a great product, I just wish it was bigger than sample size!

August’s Escape Monthly retailed out to approximately $83 – not including the $50 wine gift certificate. Not bad! I’m definitely planning to renew my Escape Monthly subscription for another month and am already excited about September’s theme – Portland, Oregon! 
I love that this box is actually true to what it says. It really is a “vacation in a box!” The brochure included also really makes the experience, with an image of the destination on the cover, contents (and retail value) inside, along with some fun facts about the location. Fingers crossed that some European escapes are coming up soon!
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  1. August 24, 2013 / 12:25 AM

    What a fun new box! I just wish it was cheaper. It would be hard to talk my Hubby into this with my Ipsy, Goodies and Sample Society already in place. I'm not really sure if it is worth $50 either. Maybe I will keep my eye out for a destination I am really interested in and buy that one box.

    ps- get a tea ball!! You should be able to buy one for around $2-$5. I think we bought a couple on Amazon. Put a little tea in the ball and drop it in your hot water and you are good to go in a few minutes.