Fun Findings Friday #56

P.S. You’re Invited Book:
I love arts and crafts. Especially when doing DIY projects that you actually end up using or decorating with around the house. There’s always a fine sense of accomplishment. I stumbled across this P.S. You’re Invited book ($17) online and am really interested in it! The author, Erica Domesk, is a blogger who creates amazing things with simple materials and shares her methods for doing so. This book is an extension on that, filled with over 40 DIY projects. So fun!

Revlon File N’ Peel:
I’m typically not one to do my own nails, but I do like to have a nail file on hand regularly. The only downside to having one that you use all the time, is that it dulls out after awhile. The Revlon File N’ Peel ($5) is a 6-1 nail file. Meaning when the nail file dulls, peel the top layer off and use the next one. I haven’t used this yet but it’s definitely something I’m interested in – and you can’t beat the price!

If you’re a fan of geeky things, take note of Syfy’s new show, Fangasm, premiering next Tuesday! Coming from the creators of MTV’s Jersey Shore, this new reality show will follow 7 “geeks” living under the same roof and working for Stan Lee for the chance to win a job with the comic book legend’s company. What I find even cooler about this show is that my cousin is on it! I can’t wait for the premiere and to actually know someone in real life on the reality show I’m watching. Check out the trailer below.