BarkBox Review: September 2013

Sheba’s favorite day of the month has arrived – BarkBox delivery day! This monthly subscription box for dogs features a different theme each month, this month being back to school. Check out the contents  of September’s box below!

Wagatha’s Organic Dog Biscuits
I was very curious about these Tuscan Pizza flavored treats from Wagatha’s ($11). After all, Sheba’s never had any pizza-type treats before. She loved them! Organic and wheat-free, I’m very happy to give these treats to Sheba, even giving her an extra since they’re healthier than many of the other dog treats out there.

Etta Says! Deer Chews
The Etta Says! brand has been included often in BarkBoxes we’ve received and Sheba really loves the products. This Deer Chew ($2) was her favorite item in the box – the first thing she ran to once the box was opened. I love getting these chews in her box too because they’re great to leave her with when heading out for a few hours.

Vetra Care Liquid Bandage
The Vetra Care Liquid Bandage ($8) is a completely new type of product that I’ve seen included in BarkBox, but I love it. Although I hope I won’t need to use any type of bandage on Sheba, it’s nice to know that in her drawer of pet supplies, we have this just in case anything were to happen.

Barkworthies Angus Tendons
Barkworthies is another brand I see included quite a bit in our monthly BarkBoxes. The Angus Tendons ($6.50) didn’t seem like much of a treat (being so thin), but this was actually a really great snack for my pup. Another natural treat, these tendons help to add joint-friendly nutrients to the diet. Especially great for dogs who aren’t puppies anymore!

IQ Treat Ball
With the back to school theme of September’s BarkBox, the IQ treat ball ($12) is a perfect fit. The only downside is this treat ball is not for chewers. My dog’s very smart, but I don’t think she has the patience to continuously roll the ball around until the treats come out. Plus, all of her other treat balls are softer, and she can kind of chew on them. This one was kind of a miss for us.

Superior Farms Venison Ears
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love when bones or other treats that’ll keep Sheba occupied for awhile are included. The Superior Farms Venison Ears ($4) are a great product for that, keeping her distracted for a little while as I leave the house. Otherwise, it breaks my heart to see her staring out the window watching me leave. She’s too sweet!

I paid $19 for this month’s Barkbox, as part of my 6 month subscription, and September’s box retailed out to approximately $43.50, well over the amount I paid! I’ve stuck with my BarkBox subscription since the beginning of the year, and although I usually will try boxes out for a few months at most before cancelling to try others, this is one that I’ll absolutely continue to stick with. Yes, my pup is spoiled!

If you’re interested in spoiling your dog too, you can subscribe for $19-$29 a month (depending on which subscription plan you choose). To receive $5 off your first Barkbox, click here.

Unsure about subscribing? Find out more about the monthly sub box for your dog by checking out my previous BarkBox reviews.

  • I wonder if that liquid bandage would work for when nails are cut too short and bleed? My dog has black nails and it is impossible to see the quick, so my Husband often has oppsies when trimming his nails.

    I have always been hesitant to get something like this because my dog is picky, but I think he would have loved this box. Thanks for sharing!

  • Another great dog gift box is PoochPax at

    Have fun, love your pooch.