BarkBox Review: October 2013

October’s BarkBox was a big hit for Sheba! Check out the contents of the box below.

American Fetch & Glow Ball
Sheba LOVES toy balls and the American Fetch & Glow Ball ($9) is no exception. The lights are usually on or it’s daytime when she plays fetch so the glow-in-the-dark aspect hasn’t been tested too much but she still enjoys chasing it around.

Fruitables Share Pack
The Fruitables Share Pack ($10) was brilliant to include in October’s BarkBox! Although there were only 8 shareable/to-go packages included, these would still be awesome to pass out for Halloween to any dogs that come trick-or-treating at your door. Such a great idea!

Baker’s Best Autumn Harvest
This is another brand I’ve seen before in BarkBox but not one that Sheba’s a big fan of. The FeelGood Trail Blazin’ Bits Goat Liver Recipe ($10) weren’t a complete fail since she did eat them. But she waited around for something better for awhile before deciding to actually have them.

Bumi Chew Toy 
The Bumi ($12) is a toy that can be used to play tug-of-war with, fetch, or whatever other games you want to play with your pup. As fun as I think this could be, this isn’t the type of toy that Sheba typically plays with. I haven’t decided whether or not we’ll keep it yet – it might be something donated to the shelter, especially with the holidays coming up!

Etta Says! Rabbit Chew
The Etta Says! brand is a BarkBox staple and we wouldn’t have it any other way! The Rabbit Chew ($3) was Sheba’s favorite item in the box. During her usual “sniff test” she immediately picked it up and was ready to start eating it through the wrapper!

I paid $18 for my BarkBox and this month’s box retailed out to approximately $44. I do wish there was a Halloween-themed item in October’s box, but I’m hoping that BarkBox will come through with Thanksgiving and Christmas-themed toys in the next couple months. And although my 6-month subscription ends after this month, I’ll definitely be re-subscribing. My dog is too spoiled!

Did you receive this month’s box? What’d you think? If you haven’t subscribed yet, be sure to head over to the BarkBox site to get $5 off your box (it’s a great investment for your pup)!

  • Arf Hi! Danielle R. here from BarkBox! Thank you so much for featuring us on your blog and sharing your feedback. Glad to hear Sheba enjoyed majority of her treats and goodies this month. We ruv to hear that you will be subscribing with us again :) ! Two paws up.

  • Anonymous

    Your BarkBox review came up in a google search I did. I have a dog (her name is Mina) who I love very much and was thinking about subscribing to BarkBox. Could you tell me what you really like and dislike about the service (examples please)? Would you recommend it? Thanks so much!

  • We love BarkBox, I highly recommend it! Pros are the gluten/wheat-free products, so everything is always really healthy for your dog! I also like the variety of toys and treats included, which are selected based on your dog's size (small, medium, large). On the downside, it's not completely customized so sometimes there are items that my dog isn't crazy about – but that's the risk you take with any subscription box!