Fall Into Your New Workout Routine

Since we are coming into our last few weeks of Fall weather before the unbearable Winter months hit (aside for us Floridians who don’t get a winter), this is the time to enjoy your workouts. Since it’s not too hot and not too cold right now, it’s the perfect time to change up your workout and enjoy some fresh air. And, it’s always good to switch it out to avoid getting complacent and hitting that horrible stage where your body gets accustomed to your daily routine and you stop seeing results. So in the name of Thanksgiving dinner and the too-soon-after New Years party, here are some great workouts to try this season!

Outdoor Biking

Forget your spin class this month! Do it on your own. Pull out your dusty bike from the garage and hop on for a spin around your neighborhood or through the park. It gives you fresh air that won’t have you dying of a heatstroke and a better scenery than a bunch of sweaty people in a dark room.


Grab your gals and go for a hike! You won’t realize that you’re actually working out when you’re with your girls and catching up on the latest gossip. Before you know it you all will have hiked a few miles and can reward yourself with ONE mimosa after! (This is a workout post for crying out loud!)


Holiday’s are great, but let’s not fool ourselves… They can definitely be stressful. Go to your local gym and sign up for the weekly kickboxing classes and kick all those work and boyfriend frustrations to the curb. You’ll feel and look so much better!

Hot Yoga

This is a great idea, just not in the summertime. Now is the perfect time to enjoy this celebrity craze of hot yoga. Once you walk out of the doors, you’ll immediately cool down, not making the after-shock unbearable. Sweat is the key and this will definitely help you do that!


Who are we kidding? This is fun and a great workout all year round! Google dance studios in your area and grab your girls and start learning how to work it with new dance moves. You’ll be working every muscle of your body while having a blast! Pick a dance and go for it! It’s never too late to pick up a new skill!