Loot Crate: December 2013 Review

There was a lot of hype for December’s Loot Crate with it being Christmas AND the promise of a t-shirt. This monthly subscription box is for nerds, geeks, gamers, etc. and includes 5-6 “epic” items for just under $20. Each month is themed, December’s theme being “Console Wars.” 

Gamer/Geek Wristband
For any and all proud gamers/geeks, this is the perfect bracelet/wristband (~$2), featuring “Gamer” on one side and “Geek” on the other. This isn’t something I’ll sport but I think my younger cousin would love it.

Console Wars II T-shirt
I wasn’t completely overwhelmed with the t-shirt everyone was buzzing about in this month’s Loot Crate, but as time goes on, I’m liking it a bit more. The Console Wars II shirt ($15) features the battle of the different video game consoles but doesn’t show which console is the winner – I think that’s supposed to be left to imagination. Which console do you think would win?

I’ve never heard of Energems ($3) but was excited to give them a try. They’re really starting to infuse all food/drink products with caffeine, huh? There are a few different flavors this company offers but I received the Chocolate ones (no complaints here). I thought they were pretty good but I don’t think it’s something I’d go out and buy on my own.

Batman Tin-Tastic Activity Set
A variety of superheroes were sent out in December’s box and Loot Crate hit it right on the spot, sending me Batman (my favorite of them all). The Batman Tin-Tastic Activity Set ($13) includes erasers, pencils and stickers – all Batman-related. These make for great school supplies, or in my case, desk supplies. Love!

Grip-It Control Protectors
Any gamers will know that it’s easy for the controls to slip out of your hands when you get in the zone with your game and your palms start to get sweaty. The Grip-It Control Protectors ($5) are supposed to help solve that problem by giving you a better grip. I know exactly who will be getting these!

December’s Loot Crate was valued at about $38 – almost $20 more than what I paid for the box! In addition, I also received a $5 off coupon for Shirt Woot! which I’m pretty excited about. I’ve been on a t-shirt buying spree lately!

What did you think of December’s Loot Crate?

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links