Fun Findings Friday #75

The Kitchen Safe:
That feeling of temptation whether it’s a late night snack or spending money can be rough, and although you might try to “be good,” it doesn’t always work out. I was pretty intrigued when I stumbled across The Kitchen Safe ($50), a container that locks the contents you place in until your specified unlock time. There are two options available, clear and white (the white, unfortunately, is currently sold out). I think this is pretty awesome and would definitely utilize it! Now if only you could put a lock on the entire fridge…

Photo credit: The Kitchen Safe

NFL Bounty Paper Towels:
I’m a sucker for holiday-themed things. And although the Super Bowl isn’t exactly a holiday, it’s still something you can deck your place out with when hosting a football celebration (lots of food = lots of mess)! Available at Walmart (price varies based on store), these are a must-have for Sunday’s big game!

Photo credit: Bounty

Full House Reunion on Jimmy Fallon:
In a plug for Jimmy Fallon’s new role as The Tonight Show host, our favorite Full House guys (Danny Tanner, Uncle Jesse and Uncle Joey) have reunited for a sketch, picking up where their characters left off so many years ago. Love this!