Fun Findings Friday #77

Single Canvas Wine Tote:
I recently acquired this Single Canvas Wine Tote from Lands End ($9) via a subscription box swap and am really loving it! Every time I head out to a party or get together I find myself with a bottle of wine rolling around on the floor of my car’s front seat, or trying to cushion it in a travel bag so it won’t bust. This wine tote is not only reasonably priced, but it’s also convenient and easy to tote around – love!

Photo credit: Lands End

PopSugar Must Have Special Edition Resort Box:
I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for subscription boxes. Especially these “special edition” ones. Today, PopSugar rolled out a new version of their special edition boxes – the Resort box. This box will cost you $107 (including tax/shipping) and will be shipped out by March 31. Although I have no idea what to expect in this box, I’m still really excited to see what will come. It just sounds so luxurious – and I could use a trip to a resort (even if it’s just through a box)! Will you be splurging on this box? If so, move fast! PopSugar’s special edition boxes usually sell out fast!

Photo credit: PopSugar

Movie Title Break Up:
You know you’re a movie buff when you (and your significant other) can break up via a conversation that only includes movie titles – 154 to be exact. Although these are just two actors doing a comedy skit, this is one of the coolest videos I’ve seen and I applaud these actors for being able to keep this flowing so seamlessly!