Fun Findings Friday #82

Cafepress Mug:
I am a big coffee drinker (usually iced) and enjoy my tea as well. Kinto’s Cafepress Mugs ($20) seem to be the perfect solution for on-the-go people who are fans of either, this mug allows you to fill the cup with water and add ground coffee/tea leaves in the top and create your drink on-the-go. Thinking this is something I might need to invest in soon. Thanks to my best friend, Lisa, for discovering this awesome fun finding!

Photo credit: Kinto

LifePrint Wi-Fi Photo Printer for Smartphones:
A new Kickstarter project for a LifePrint Wi-Fi Photo Printer for Smartphones hit my radar this week, compatible with iPhone and Android phones. Although they won’t ship until next spring, a pledge of $99 will lock you in for one of the printers (and 10 prints), should the campaign successfully reach its target. This printer allows you to edit photos via the LifePrint app and print photos directly from your phone and send pictures to friends/family (who also have the printer). Pretty cool concept!

Photo credit: LifePrint

73 Q’s with Sarah Jessica Parker:
I’ve been a big fan of Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) since her Sex & the City days and was excited to see an interview she did with Vogue pop up on my Twitter feed. Since the interview took place in her home, I was hoping we’d get a glimpse at her closet and that it’d be just like her TV character’s, Carrie Bradshaw, but no such luck. It was really cool to see a few rooms of her digs though (hello home decor inspiration), but this is actually one of the coolest interviews I’ve ever seen – it’s rapid fire style/answer the first thing that comes to mind. Check it out below!