Happy Dog Box: March 2014 Review

It’s no secret that my dog Sheba is spoiled. So in addition to her normal subscription box, I decided to try out another one for her – Happy Dog Box. Featuring premium toys and treats made in the U.S., this monthly box for dogs starts at $21/mo. and is customized based on your dog’s size (small, medium, and large).

Yumzies Peanut Butter Treats
Sheba’s tried the Yumzies brand before and loved them so I was really excited to find their Natural Peanut Butter Flavor treats ($10.50) in the box. These grain-free treats are in high-demand by Ms. Sheba!

Pet n’ Shape Bone
The Trachea Treat ($5) from Pet n’ Shape piqued my curiosity, as it was super light, unlike most other dog bones. I learned that these bones come in multiple sizes (small to extra large), but this bone seemed to be the perfect size for Sheba and was gobbled up fairly quickly.

Petstages Orka Chew
Among the treat-heavy box, Sheba received a toy – the Petstages Orka Chew ($9) which looked pretty awesome since it helps clean teeth and massages gums. Unfortunately, Sheba isn’t a fan of these type of toys (she prefers the furry toys with lots of stuffing that she can pull out), but I’m definitely going to pass this on for another lucky dog to use!

Licks Liquid Vitamins
Another item Sheba’s tried before, Licks Liquid Vitamins ($2.50), was included in March’s Happy Dog Box. A packet is supposed to be given to your dog up to once a day. I love that these anti-oxidant vitamins include support for joints and the heart!

Barkworthies is a brand that we’re VERY familiar with, and the Curly Bully Stick ($8.50) is the first thing Sheba went for in the box. I’m always very glad to see items like this in Sheba’s subscription box. I like giving her bigger bone/stick treats when I’ll be away from home for longer periods during the day and this is perfect for that!

It’s Purely Natural Treats
Sometimes I think my dog eats healthier than I do, and the Chicken with Peas and Carrots treats ($6.50) proves just that. I hadn’t heard of this brand before, but the natural treats were a big hit with Sheba, so I hope to see them again soon!

When I first saw the Dogsbar ($3) I thought it was some kind of protein bar for humans (glad I didn’t eat it). Made of peanut butter, I’m pretty confident this was Sheba’s favorite item in the box, judging by how quickly it disappeared once I gave it to her. When purchasing from this brand, they donate a bar to a dog in need – I love good causes like this!

I paid $12.50 for the March Happy Dog Box after using a 50% off coupon (normally boxes start at $21) and the box retailed out to about $45. Talk about an amazing deal! Overall, we were very happy with our first Happy Dog Box and I really liked the variety of types of treats included from bones to regular treats to smaller treats. Can’t wait to see what comes in future Happy Dog boxes!